Fish Oil Season?

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It seems like it’s the hot topic this week. Both Whistler and Vancouver have blog posts about it, and as it would have it I just received my order of Fish Oils this week.

note: I don’t want to turn the gym into some weirdo _______mart and I don’t want to “sell” anything so much as have available the best version of the things you guys want.

In any case I wanted to try this particular brand of Fish Oils myself and thought that I might as well order some extras for others to try. Here’s why I wanted to give it a go:

-Epic Nutrients boasts a high quality product based on using a cold extraction process which avoids the high heat damage and toxins incurred in the processing or other brands. Also no added chemicals to alter the absorption rate or taste.

-Lower prescription for CrossFitters (1-2 capsules on rest days, 3-6 on training days).

-CrossFit Vancouver seems to have had great success with this brand, and having spoken with one of their coaches I don’t see why I wouldn’t at least give it a go.

If you want to do a little of your own research (always a great decision) here are some links:

Epic Nutrients FAQ
Ascenta NurtaSea
A generic search for “fish oils” will also bring up a host of good and bad articles and sites

If you want a bottle I’ve got 10 left and based on how I find them and feedback from those who try them we may or may not get more.



Liu Chunhong:
28 years old
69Kg (145.5#) weight class

Total at the Beijing Olympics:
Snatch: 128Kg (282#)
Clean and Jerk: 158Kg (348#)
Total: 286 (630.5#)

This beat the previous world record by 10Kg (22#)!

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