We are a gym that is community focused, and brought together by an interest in increasing our physical and mental capacity. The way in which the people we all meet become our friends and support network cannot be explained here in words, you have to experience it. We engage in technical movements and perform them with intensity. CrossFit is best coached. We keep our classes small because we believe we produce a better product and achieve better results this way. We post resources and have a blog to better educate and enhance our community. We are good at what we do. This environment is a unique combination of physical and mental development that is hard to find elsewhere. The costs below are the costs of investing in true physical performance, good health, accessing knowledge, and reducing injury potential.

All prices quoted in Canadian funds.


Foundations #1 is free when completed as part of the group. The remaining 6 group sessions are $190 + tax. Foundations can also be completed as 7 private or semi private sessions. For one person the cost is $70/session. Please contact us for more information about scheduling privates and the pricing details for semi private groups.

• Foundations group package make-up sessions (for those that miss a scheduled class), prices do not include tax:
- 1 coach: 1 athlete: $50/hour each
- 1 coach: 2 athletes: $40/hour each
- 1 coach: 3 athletes: $30/hour each

- Teens foundations passes are $155 (tax included) and include the 7 foundations classes and then regular adult CrossFit classes for the remainder of the month (from the date of the first foundations)


• 1 Month Unlimited: $176.19 + GST = $185
• 1 Month 3 days/week: $147.62 + GST = $155
• 10 time pass (6 month exp): $161.90 + GST = $170.00
• 3 Months: $500.00 + GST = $525.00
• 6 Months: $942.86 + GST = $990
• 1 Month Teen (13-18) Pass (for regular CrossFit classes): $147.62 + GST = $155 (includes Foundations)
• CrossFit Kids/Teen Lifters: These are semestered programs and vary in length. Contact us for info!
• Visiting CrossFitters: $10.00 + tax or buy a shirt!

*** Passes can be set up to "autorenew" to your CC
*** All passes are non-refundable and non-transferable and only 1 month Unlimited passes can be put on hold for time away from Squamish


• 1 coach/1 athlete: $85.00/hr
• 1 coach/2 athletes: $70.00/hr/athlete
• 1 coach/3 athletes: $60.00/hr/athlete
(prices do not include tax)


• 1 coach/1 athlete: $70.00/hr
• 1 coach/2 athletes: $55.00/hr/athlete
• 1 coach/3 athletes: $45.00/hr/athlete
• Other numbers of people and time frames are
available. Contact us for more pricing.
(prices do not include tax)