Fall is coming (sorry, but it’s true)

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We are about to go into a really busy time of the year. If you need a class time then sign yourself into them now! Signing in and out of classes this summer has been a little… weak. When classes are busy and there are people who want space in full classes its totally not ok to no-show or late cancel (except in true emergencies). Here is a reminder of sign in/out etiquette:
1. Please sign out of morning classes BEFORE 10pm. Checking to see if there is a waitlist or if the class is full or not to decide is not fair since some people check the schedule for availability at 10pm because they assume that cancellations have already happened.
2. Please don’t just show up not signed in, or if you are on the waitlist, assuming that someone will no show… this starts a terrible pattern. Let us deal with the no-showers and not have to deal with them AND the random show ups. It isn’t fair to the coach to have to manage this while they are trying to spend time figuring out mods for people for the class. If we have room for more people WE will decide that and bump class numbers.
3. You all have cell phones. Put the coaches numbers in there and text whoever is teaching if an emergency comes up and you can’t get to the computer to cancel out so we know not to expect you.

You guys do a really good job of everything else in the gym… let’s get this dialed too.


Love, your coaches who have better things to spend coaching energy on than attendance management.