Fall Challenge (Judges and Volunteers)

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Hey everyone,

This is the official call out for judges and volunteers for the fall challenge. Picture me reading this to you with Handsome Rob’s accent.

Each day requires 20 judges and 8 volunteers. Preference will go to people who can attend both days and/or who have judged for me in the past. We will do a judges meeting both days starting at 7AM and a Volunteers meeting at 8:15. We’ll provide the coffee. Both days should be pretty user friendly for judges and your help is both required and greatly appreciated. What I can offer you is a sweet event T shirt (it won’t say “JUDGE” or “VOLUNTEER” on it) and a delicious lunch. If your keen email me with your T shirt size and your availability. T shirts get ordered Monday for Judges and Volunteers so if you don’t want a crappy size that doesn’t fit you email me asap.

As soon as all spots are full, I will email the group with more information. If you don’t receive an email, please don’t take offense. All it means is we had more people than we required and made selections based on the above criteria.

Thanks in advance for all who will help us. The rest of you I hope to see as spectators! It’s going to be a great weekend.