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Oh Facebook… I almost quit you, Jesse just joined you after 7 years of resistance, and now we embrace you. It’s a love/hate thing isn’t it? Turns out (ya, I know we are a little slow… but we do lift heavy stuff) that a Facebook page is a great place to post info on events etc.

Our main blog and food blog will remain our community space for thoughts, ideas, and longer description updates; our blog really is a reflection of our gym’s personality. But we will also use our new Facebook Page (the old group has been deleted) to post events that we have coming up and other links to resources. Any notifications that we need to make will be posted on Facebook and Twitter since we know that some of you only use one or the other. I have tried to set it up so that anytime we blog or food blog it will send an RSS feed to Facebook for those of you who really try to keep everything to one site… this blog post will be the tester to see if that actually works (bear with me, this stuff is not my forte).

So… Come with us on this magical mystery tour of social media and join us on Facebook by “liking” our page and you can peruse and “attend” the events there if you like.

If you are anti-Facebook, anti-Twitter, anti-internet in general….. well, good luck to you… this world is changing quickly…. you just keep on keeping on and please check the blog from time to time…. at this point there should be no excuse for being out of the loop on anything!


p.s. For those of you that are newish to the gym… the Food Blog is a space where anyone can submit a paleo meal that you make (with a picture) to share with everyone. We have had some really amazing entries so far… let’s keep them rolling!

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