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BC Sectional:

Current Squamish Competitors: Mike Rafferty, Matt Kompass, and Soraya Jung
Volunteering: The backbone of an event like this is truly the volunteers, and your time is greatly appreciated. If your keen and haven’t registered please do. click here. Click the register now button and follow the links.
Spectators: You should not miss this event. The venue is great and the experience is like no other sporting event I’ve attended. Competition will be tight and people will be pushing to capacity. It’s a very inspiring weekend. Like the athletes and volunteers, the spectators must also register as there is a cap on total numbers.

Mens Hoodies

Thanks to Chris’s and Jamie’s recommendation I checked out Marks Work Wearhouse this morning and picked up a Carhartt Hoodie (medium) and left it at the gym. Please try it on, and based on fit let me know what size you would like (if you would like one). Much like the women’s hoodies the price will be cost of shirt + printing ($80-$90). I’ll submit the order Friday next week.

note: The printing will be the same as on the T-shirts (logo on the front, CrossFit Squamish on the back) and will not have the Carhartt name on the sleeve like the sample at the gym. It will also be a heavier weight than the gym sample (13.5oz).

Liu Chunhong: Gold medalist in Womens 69kg (152#) class in Beijing Olympics. She beat the silver winner by 31kg (68#) and performed a near 2x body weight Snatch. Thanks for the video Julie.