Don’t worry! You are still registered. (and hoodies are here!)

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I have had quite a few messages this morning from people worried that they have been de-registered from classes. From what I gather, when you view the weekly schedule it no longer shows classes that you are registered for in green font. I called Mindbody and asked about this and they didn’t seem to know of the change but were going to check with the programmers as to whether or not it’s a permanent change. Hopefully not, but I don’t expect to hear back…it’ll either show up again or it won’t! You can still see what you are registered for by clicking on the “my info” tab and then the “schedule” tab underneath that. The guy I spoke with kindly informed me that I could email the programmers and put a request in to have it put back… but seeing as I have quite a few of those things pending already… I think I’ll keep my number of requests low for now (for future success).

On a more exciting note, our hoodies are here!!!

They are ready to be picked up. I high recommend you grab a sharpie off the desk and put your name in it. They are $90 and you can pay me cash, cheque or email money transfer. Sorry, these weren’t a “business” thing. They were a “Heather’s Visa” thing. Please don’t take one until you see myself or Jesse mark it on the size list. Thanks. Sorry they took so long. Happy January?