Dodgeball 2013 Recap

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(Written by the one of us who didn’t doubt for a minute that a dodgeball tournament would be fun…. but wondered whether or not it was actually a good idea)

I’ve said this before but from the community side of things at CFS we aim to have a range of activities that interest people and include anyone. It’s always really interesting to see exactly who each event draws out (I described this one as the yahoos and the uber competitive people). We’ve done some pretty fun stuff in the last 4 years (Mexico, Venice Beach Day, any dress up type wod etc) but for some reason I feel like this one might actually be my favourite to date. I’m not totally sure why but here is a short list of the things that stood out for me (there was A LOT going on so I’m sure some of you saw the same things and some of you saw completely different things…. please post to comments any you want to share):

– It’s interesting how although quite a few people admitted to being totally afraid of the ball they had a strong enough curiosity to sign up for a team anyways.
– If Cliff is willing to put in the BBQ time we are probably on to something good.
– 40 people signed themselves up for teams… that’s a solid turnout in the middle of a weekend.
– The volume of cheering and laughing was as high as I’ve ever heard it in the gym. Those moments are special for us when you think about the fact that it’s really just a bunch of teenagers and grown adults hanging out inside a giant garage on a rainy afternoon high fiving each other after trying to smash each other with the ball in 1 minute rounds.
– The polite applause was super funny and kind of out of character when Jesse announced that the head and face were in fact off limits. I have since reflected that stating this rule simply made people feel better as it seemed to make no difference (right Danica, Stewie and Daphne?)
– Nobody cried (that we know of)
– Nobody bled (at least not externally)
– There are lots of sore elbows today

– Parky, Oz and Jason scared the #$%& out of me with their throws.
– I think it might have been Owen who tried to do a spread eagle jump over a ball and took it straight in the crotch 3 feet in the air.
– Vanessa screams a lot 🙂
– Frenchy did an amazing job as ref…. his management of the chaos was impressive
– Kathleen practically pushed me over because she couldn’t get off the court fast enough after getting tagged 4 seconds into the game against the PL boys.
– The deer in headlights stance that practically everyone gets into when they are the last person on the floor.
– Jesse dreamed of the moment that I would be the last person on the court and he could smash me with the ball but it turned out his throwing skills weren’t as accurate as he previously thought.

…. Which brings me to my favourite thing from the whole day (for so so many reasons)… We have been talking this week about how unique our gym is for blurring traditional social division lines like gender and age. Two times yesterday the same situation happened that really reinforced that we treat everyone the same no matter who they are. In both matches between the PL guys and the highschool kids Kaija was left as the last person on the court with all 5 PL guys left on their side. This created an obvious stir in the crowd because I’m sure everyone was wondering how the PL guys would approach this situation. Without hesitation they all wailed the ball at her like a firing range and since the ball wall was bouncing off the wall behind her super hard it would roll back to them so they could keep firing. Kaija was amazing. Her dodging and ducking skills were impressive and she kept her cool like it was no big deal that 5 strong men weren’t holding back aiming at a 15 year old girl. People cheered SO loud for Kaija and it’s sort of funny (?) that nobody (including Kaija) seemed concerned about the potential consequence of that situation (I guess it IS just 5 rubber balls). I already know Kaija is amazing (I’m slightly biased since we’re related… but it’s also a known fact around the gym too), but man was I proud with her holding her own against those guys. As for the guys, I don’t really know what to think but I suppose I am pleased that you don’t discriminate based on age or gender, ya? Here is a little glimpse of Kaija’s world for those couple of minutes:




















We’re doing that one again.