December Anniversaries

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Hi (insert sheepish smile).

Starting to wonder if we even blog anymore?? We don’t have many good excuses other than it’s been a crazy month, we purposely went MIA over our Christmas days off, and Facebook seems to cover off all the little notices these days (if you still haven’t “liked” our FB page your probably should.. and then add it to your “interests list” by clicking on the “Liked” button so we show up in your news feed!). Hopefully everyone had (is having) a good little break from regular routines.

Here are the December Anniversaries:


* Shannon
* Mandy
* Renee
* Anne
* Brad W.
* Matt (transfer from Whistler)
Nice work you guys…. your commitment shows…

1 & 2 YEAR:

* None because of the way Foundations fell at the end of November both years!


p.s. I’m still always looking for food blog contributions… especially really good meal ideas you come across, not just “paleo” desserts…I’m on a bit of a rant these days about cave people not eating brownies/muffins/cookies and how just because it has agave instead of white sugar doesn’t meant its good for you 😉 Just saying….

Oh and this is funny…