Day of Strength Wrap up.

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First off, I apologize for all those who showed up yesterday afternoon to buy a pair of shoes. At 10:28 received a voicemail that I listened to at 11:30 saying that they would not be able to make it. I’ll touch base with Fitness Town this week and see if we can get it sorted sometime sooner than later.

To all those who showed up yesterday to lift copious amounts of metal sh*t, thank you. We had a great day and hope you did too.

Among a great number of very impressive things that went on yesterday were:
-Mark’s 13 reps from shoulders to overhead with the steel log (152.5#)
-Steve and Lucas both completed the Stone Ladder in 26sec and change (170-200-220-245)
-Alicia made 7 reps of 112.5 Clean and Press with the Axle in 2min.
-Lucas very nearly shouldered the 265# keg after a day of solid attempts, and burned down the Yoke walk at 510# in the 10-15sec range
-CrossFit Squamish showed up and represented well. JF ran the 450# Yoke in 14sec., completed the stone ladder, while Laura (Mary’s daughter) completed the Yoke walk in 25sec., and Mike ran the Farmers Carry in 9sec. Woot woot.
-The next generation of CFS Athletes were out and about in full force. I believe Robin ran the Farmers Handles and most of them seemed to get their pull-ups and band swings in.

To Cliff (who is both a gentleman and a scholar in my books): good work sir, good work. Don’t be surprised to see leftover meat show up at the gym Monday 🙂

I’m out of town for the next bunch of days but will be back for Loggers Sports on Thursday. Booya….

Jesse “I miss you already” Bifano

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