CrossFitters on Expedition Impossible

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You may have seen the new show on ABC (Thursday’s 9pm) called Expedition Impossible. It’s kind of like The Amazing Race. Jesse and I are well dialed into the 9-10pm reality shows as this is our make food/cram food in before bed time (well ok, just this one and the Bachelorette which I’ll have you know he got ME hooked on). The other day on there was a link to a video interview with John Post of the current 1st place team called Team Gypsies. They are CrossFitters complete with their Movember moustaches. They also have their own website ( as they have been adventuring around for a while, traveling and doing various charity projects.

We would never have guessed that they are CrossFitters just from watching the show. But now that we know it, it’s funny to listen to how they describe the game as they go…. they definitely are. And they are silently destroying the other teams of firefighters, cops, football players etc.

This is another video interview, by the CrossFit Journal, with team member Eric Back posted on their own website (note that the label on his jacket is blacked out….. interesting observation since the new Reebok sponsorship of CrossFit)… it’s a wee bit long but I’m sure some of you geek out on this stuff: