CrossFit Kids & Teens

Getting Started in Our Youth Program

Most parents are looking for the quick and dirty on how to register so let’s start with that! The details of each program are outlined in the sections below.

Our youth programs run on a semester system (September, January and April start dates) and we break for Christmas holidays, spring break and summer holidays. Pricing for each semester depends on the number of weeks in the semester. Age groupings are determined by age for the majority of the semester as well as experience in our program and general maturity.

MINIS (3-4):  April 2-June 11,  4:45pm-5:15pm, $145+gst

MONSTER MINIS (5-7):  April 2-June 11,  5:15pm-5:45pm, $145+gst

PRE-TEENS (8-12):  April 2-June 11,  5:45pm-6:30pm, $145+gst

TEEN LIFTERS (13-17): March 31/April 2- June 9/11, Tuesday and/or Thursday 3:45pm-4:45pm, 1 day $145+gst, 2 days $260+gst

* All inquiries about Minis, Monster Minis, Pre-Teens and Teen Lifters can be directed to

JAYDE’S GIRLS (9-17): April (Thursdays 2nd-30th), May (Mondays 4th-25th), June (Thursdays 4th to 18th). Group #1 (youngest): 3:30-4:30pm, Group #2 5pm-6pm, Group #3 (oldest) 6-7pm. $150+gst. *** Please email directly for more information, registration and waitlist information. To enrol in the program or be added to the waitlist your daughter will need an account which can be created on the “CrossFit Squamish” app in the App Store. Please be sure to fill in all fields including billing information.

We are currently in the process of registering returning kids and once we confirm all returning we will be able to open up spaces for new kids. If you would like to add your child or teen to the waitlist for the spring semester of minis, monsters, pre-teens or teen lifters please go to our SCHEDULE via our website or the CrossFit Squamish app in the App Store.  Under the “KIDS” tab you will find the waitlist for each age group on April 2nd (early in the morning on the schedule) . Please register your child by creating an account for them, IN THEIR OWN NAME. Use an email address that is best for contacting you once we have more information about space availability.  Send us an email at to let us know you have done this! The waitlist is first come first serve and once a parent is notified via email of an open space we will allow 3-4 days for an email reply confirmation before moving to the next child on the waitlist. We will be in touch once we have confirmed all returning kids and know how much space we have available for each age group!


Program Overview

Safety and fun are prioritized core objectives in our youth programs every time we meet.  In addition, our goals within the programs are to:

  • Establish comfort in a gym environment, with equipment and other people.
  • Teach youth that prioritizing quality of movement produces not only safer movements but also better outputs and results.
  • Establish a thorough understanding of how to manage one’s body through a broad range of movement patterns.
  • Build a foundation of physical training that produces results for each kid outside of the gym both in daily life and sport applications.
  • Introduce the kids to and establish a comfort with, a broad spectrum of (life transferable) movements with and without external objects.
  • Teach kids to be responsible for their own actions and contributions to an environment regardless of whether it’s an individual or group task.
Minis & Monster Minis
3-4 & 5-7 Years Old

Broad movement selection including push, pull, drag, carry, jump, squat and balance.

We aim to teach that movements are skills you can learn, that fitness is fun, that sweating feels good, and that by working together you can accomplish more than by working alone. We focused on skills like the squat and kettlebell deadlift as we feel these movements are appropriate and important at this level. They have the greatest potential for improvement (for all children) and the most potential for gain (in the gym, life, and sport). These two movements also feed many more patterns that are introduced through the Pre Teens and Teen Lifting classes. They teach a more complex body awareness and feed athletic resilience. In addition to that we play with “odd objects”, practice agility and balance and core body control skills. We play games that require teamwork and give opportunity to practice skills.

All training sessions are data based and tracked for volume and types of movements being utilized. During class time we start with a “gather around” talk to discuss the session ahead (as we would with all adult groups), we do a warm up and game followed by skills and then a workout (workouts can be individual or working in pairs, team, or teams). We always try to wrap up the day with something fun (if time allows). To maximize focus (always a challenge when working with youth!) we keep class time to 30 minutes.

Pre Teens
8-12 Years Old

Squat movements, hip hinge movements, pressing movements & bodyweight movements.

In this group we focus on teaching gym and lifting etiquette while empowering these kids to make their own decisions on weight choices or movements (separate from what their friends are doing). They are taught that quality movement execution and quality rep counting are more important than being finished first.

We introduce and expand their repertoire of movements and workouts while still focusing on the basics. We continue to promote an environment where each individual is invested in each other’s success. Much like the Minis and Monster Minis we emphasize the value in squat and deadlift mechanics, but at this age we start to add in many more common CrossFit patterns (wallball, push-ups, pull-ups, kettlebell swings, box jumps, rowing, etc.).

During class time we focus on a “gather around” talk to discuss the session ahead (as we would with all adult groups), a warm up, sometimes a game, and then skills followed by a workout (workouts can be individual or working in pairs, team, or teams).

Teen Lifters
13-18 Years Old

Squat, bench and deadlift (including variants), accessory work and midline work.

In our Teen Lifting program we prioritize safe and efficient lifting mechanics, accessory work to aid in strength development and injury prevention, and midline work (spinal mechanics and stabilization).

Many of our teens participate or compete in sports outside the gym. Many spend time in outdoor recreation and time focused on sport specific training (mountain bike or BMX is quite common).

For some, the gym is their physical balance to their efforts in academics or the arts. Our hope is that our program adds the missing (and should be foundational) element of broad base athletics to whatever lifestyle a teen lives. Our objective is to create a more durable and successful youth through strength, power, and body awareness.

At this age we have all our athletes record their work to track improvement, establish structure in their training, and provide numbers to work off of in future sessions. During class time we focus on a “gather around” talk to discuss the session ahead (as we would with all adult groups), a warm up (lead by a different teen each day), sometimes a game, and then they perform a primary lift followed by complimentary accessory work and midline stability work.

We prioritize the quality of the movement over the load at all times, and we talk about the bio mechanics and physics of leverages and angles. We encourage them to ask questions and learn (not just lift).

Jayde’s Girls
8-17 Years Old

Creating self-confidence through movement. Focus on body positioning, introduction to gymnastics, movement patterns, metabolic conditioning and an introduction to weightlifting and powerlifting mechanics.

A fitness mentorship program designed for young girls starting at age 8 and extending to late teens. This program is about inspiring girls to gain more confidence in themselves through fitness.

We focus on foundational movement patterns to increase strength, build better body awareness, and improve overall athletic development. This group allows girls of similar ages from a variety of athletic backgrounds to have a lot of fun together.

Girls Group is a space where these young ladies are encouraged to learn new things, be proud of their accomplishments, and enjoy the feeling of hard work. Mentorship is an integral part of this program and happens organically. The girls work together and support each other during class. Occasionally we take our time together outside on hikes, lake swims, and enjoy hang out events during some holidays. 

Jayde’s Girls are divided into 3 classes by age. Classes are capped at 12 participants, run once a week, are 1 hour in length, and are semestered through the school year.  Contact for more information or registration details. Alternately, email