CrossFit is a General Physical Preparedness (GPP) program. GPP was not invented by CrossFit, nor is it a trending word in the fitness industry like "functional". The term GPP dates back some time (from Russia) and has been used around the world in sports programming to build a base level of fitness. Because our CrossFit program is a GPP program our focus is broad in movement patterns and varied in time domains. Since it's beginning CrossFit has evolved into different niches and accommodates a wide range of goals and ability levels. For the majority of people CrossFit is about having a fitness routine that improves GPP (general physical preparedness). However, CrossFit has also rapidly evolved as a competitive sport. The needs of a competitive athlete can differ slightly from the everyday fitness enthusiast in volume of training and in specific skills required. At CFSQ we break our daily programming into 3 tiers (SQ101, SQ102, SQ103). This accommodates the everyday fitness enthusiast interested only in basic skills, those wanting to learn and incorporate more technical movements, and those wishing to compete for CrossFit. Each day the our athletes choose which tier they would like to complete based on the movements or intensity prescribed, the time available to them or their energy level that day. Each tier is a slight variation of the other options allowing the class to work together regardless of choice, ability level or experience.

For specific information about getting started and the next Group Foundations start date please visit our getting started page.


At CFSQ our custom CrossFit programming is a hybrid blend of classic CrossFit style workouts and the Westside method of Powerlifting. Regular CrossFit classes are scheduled Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Each class is the same all day. There are also open gym times on these days to accommodate you on your tricky schedule days! During regular class times and open gym there is coaching and guidance through the programmed workout. In open gym your number of training partners will vary depending on when you show up within that time frame. Thursday evenings there is also an open oym time available to make up a missed class, though generally Thursdays and Sundays are scheduled CrossFit rest days. All classes or personal training sessions at CrossFit Squamish are led by one of our CrossFit certified coaches and are scheduled for an hour. Inside that time the workouts can range in duration from seconds (a single heavy lift) to any longer time domain; a typical “metcon” (the high heart rate workouts that people often think of with CrossFit) typically caps at 20-25 minutes with the occasional workout in the 40-50 minute range. These workouts can be single modality (eg. running or rowing) or combinations (eg. Filthy Fifty), though most of the combination workouts are couplets and triplets. The movements can also be programmed in any way, shape, or form, and require different implements to be used like dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and odd objects. The remaining time in the session is filled with accessory work to help balance out weaknesses, prevent injury, and work on mobility.

This type of training shouldn't be considered an addition to your athletics or living, it should be the springboard from which all athletics and awesome human function are pursued, improved and maintained.


Typical movements we train and practice include: gymnastics skills (pullups and other pullup bar work, ring work variations, handstand variations), olympic lifts, powerlifts, strongman skills, running, rowing, skipping and an endless list of accessory movements to enhance the stability of larger compound movements.


Many people train with us to improve their sport outside the gym, but others train to generally become more fit, feel healthier, to lose or gain weight, increase strength or to specifically rehab an injury.


The movement selection in our programming has direct application to life outside the gym. We want people to be able to address any life task safely with confidence, strength and stability.


Our vibrant community at CrossFit Squamish, the structured training, and the variety of training days engages people in a way that enables them to commit to making positive changes.
Our easily measured progress and results keep people keen and motivated year after year (the best programming ever is useless if it's not being done!).