CrossFit Squamish’s 5 Year Birthday Party/WOD: Friday, Oct. 17th

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Next Friday is the official 5 year birthday of CrossFit Squamish. It kind of blows our minds actually.

(click on the pic for an expanded view… its worth it. Last night I asked Daryn if he could throw some little thing together. He did some internet/facebook detective work and this is his small masterpiece!)

Here is the plan… Jesse and I will host 6 regular classes during the day: 6am, 7am, 9am, 4:30pm, 5:30pm and 6:30pm (plus Ellen with the teens at 3:30!). Each hour class will run a game of “CFS FAMILY FEUD”. The details will be explained to you on the the day of, and as per usual costumes are well respected (items will also be available for borrow) and you will be participating in fitness. These classes are open to all CFS athletes (PLers too), and to those of you who aren’t currently training with us but still follow along with what we are up to and like a good celebration 🙂 . The game is designed to be broad and inclusive and actually makes a great first wod back into the gym if you haven’t been around much lately. CrossFit Kids are welcome as a buddies/consultants to you in the game and can also participate in the fitness components.

We will also be honoring our first athletes to hit their 5 year anniversary with us! Treats will be provided but let us know if you have any fun snacks you want to bring to share. If you don’t have a current pass and need us to sign you into a class message us!

This officially kicks off fun indoor gym event season as CFS……. (which also means dress up season)

Heather & Jesse

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