CrossFit Squamish Social Planning: Christmas and…. Mexico.

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We have 2 very important and very much in advance announcements to make about social events coming up in the next year.

1. The CrossFit Squamish Christmas party (I know I know summer hasn’t even arrived yet) is booked for the Living Room Restaurant on Friday, December 2nd. That’s all you need to know for now, we will get confirmation of numbers in the fall. Hopefully that date doesn’t conflict with work/family events. Mark it in your calender.

2. Last January we chose to row for 24 hours to distract us from winter… bad choice… next January 19th CrossFit Squamish is closing it’s doors for a week and going to Mexico. Some of you have already heard us talking about it… the rest of you are probably thinking “really, the gym is actually going to Mexico… together?!”

Si Senorita! You can either stay home or come with us! We are going to the Palladium Vallarta (where Krista and I went this year, and where I swear half of the sea to sky corridor residents have been married). It’s mostly Canadians at the resort and is very family friendly (although that said we spent most of our time at the “adult” pool or at the beach). We chose to go there this past winter based on it getting good reviews from people we know and being a good price for what you get. It’s not fancy… it’s good and simple and clean… the staff are really friendly.

This resort is a great mixture of beautiful grounds, reasonable food (amazing guacamole!), private beach with surfing and boogie boarding, good cost for an all inclusive that’s not a dump, and reasonably quick to get there from Vancouver. There are a ton of excursions to do that we have heard really good things about, and the towns of Salulita and Bucerias are great day trips.

I have received a group quote from Sunwing Vacations that is about $300 less that the current rate online. We need a minimum of 5 rooms (10 people) to book the group rate, but not everyone has to book at the same time. The rate they gave me is an early bird rate until June 30th. You don’t have to commit by June 30th but after that the rates listed below are $150 more, and if the base rate has changed you would be responsible for that too.

Here are the details: These prices are all inclusive… air, hotel, transfers, meals, booze

SUPERIOR ROOM AI – January 19, 2012 – 7nights
$1098.00 net, per person, single occupancy
$838.00 net, per person, double occupancy
$818.00 net, per person, triple occupancy
$798.00 net, per person, quad(4) occupancy
$818.00 net, child (13-17)
$458.00 net, child (3-12)
$458.00 net,child (2)
$330.00 Taxes, per person

DELUXE ROOM AI – January 19, 2012 – 7nights
$1258.00 net, per person, single occupancy
$948.00 net, per person, double occupancy
$918.00 net, per person, triple occupancy
$908.00 net, per person, quad(4) occupancy
$938.00 net, child (13-17)
$458.00 net, child (3-12)
$458.00 net, child (2)
$330.00 Taxes, per person

All they require by June 30th is a $250 deposit. The rest is due in October.

In my opinion it is worth getting the Delux Room. They are much newer and from what we have seen, much nicer. That said, if you don’t care, go for cheaper. There is also an exclusive section of the resort called the Royal Suites which is nicer still and has an extra private pool and restaurant. I wouldn’t say that the people staying in that section looked super “fun” though. I can ask about rates for that section if you are interested. My guess is that it would be a couple hundred more per person.

As the group leader (haha, picture a safari outfit and excessive camera straps) I have to make all bookings with your info and credit cards. They only want to talk to one person. Krista, Frenchy and I have all been there so you can ask us questions if you want to know more.

Picture it…. margaritas, beach BBQs and boogie boarding…..

Email me with any questions or if you are in and want me to reserve your spot. Bring anyone you want (or leave them at home with the grandparents)!

You can check out more here at Trip Advisor


p.s. Do you think this plan is at all a reflection of our current state of panic about minimal summer weather this year??!

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