CrossFit Squamish One Piece Ski Suit…. Throwdown? Showdown? – Feb. 23rd

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I realized today while riding up the Glacier Chair on Blackcomb that we did zero notification of the CFS Ski Day that was tentatively planned for next Sunday the 12th. So it makes sense to push it back a bit. It also makes sense to approach this like we do any other thing and add some flare.

This is an official invite for you to join Jesse and I in Whistler on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd to display the glory of the one piece ski suit as part of an all ability inclusive ski day followed by apres (this is where you peel down the top half of your suit to show off your turtleneck). You have time to track down a suit and it doesn’t have to fit properly… I’ve spent considerable time in the past sourcing these out so talk to me if you need some leads….

Here are a couple of pics of us from when we went to my friend from Canmore’s one piece ski suit wedding at Nakiska (Side note: This is the same friend who had another friend visiting town make two attempts at streaking our gym last summer. He was unsuccessful because on his first attempt a kid’s class was going on and he got awkward and left, and the second time the gym was closed)



* Those are original old ski tickets circa 1980something on my (my mum’s) Descente suit.
* Note my fussy “fur” hat
* Yes, Jesse is in a Bogner.