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We just recently made a bunch of updates to our website (check out the coaches page if you haven’t seen it… it’s pretty fun). We have restructured our Resources page slightly. There are still some basic links there including intake forms for CrossFit and Massage Therapy. But we have also added a section called Community Resources. This section is set aside as list of CrossFit Squamish members who have been training with us for at least 1 year and have a local business. Often people are asking us for contact info because they have heard that so and so is a whatever type of professional. Or, you just really wanted to see what people in the gym look like when they are in their regular adult job clothes. Here is the criteria for listing your info on our page:

– You must have been a member with us consistently for at least 1 year.
– Please include your business name, phone number, email address and website.

We will update this info a few times a year so if you are new to us or your contact info needs to be updated, these changes or add-ons can be done then.

The deadline for the first list going in is this Friday, October 19th. Please email your info to

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