CrossFit Squamish Kids Pilot Group

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First of all, we want to say a giant THANK YOU to all of the CrossFit Squamish parents who have been patiently waiting for us to start a kids program. Some of you have been asking for more than 2 years! Like we have always said, we didn’t want to start it until we felt like we could do an absolutely great job of it. The time has come and we have brought Jenn and Mel on board with us to do an amazing job of helping to build the foundational building blocks of functional fitness with your kids. The goal of CrossFit Kids programming is to teach kids about functional movement patterns and to develop a mindset that fitness is fun. It is NOT just a scaled version of regular programming. In addition to learning safe movement patterns, children have additional needs to focus on such as developing bone density, developing the vestibular system (think somersaults for balance in the inner ear), learning to be confident with their bodies and just generally having an awesome time. The CrossFit Kids Mainpage is full of fabulous information for you and your children to look at while you are deciding if it’s for your family.

Here is the plan, PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY before emailing us! Please note, these are the basic details to get you started with your planning. A webpage and very detailed Parents/Kids manual is in the works, will cover ALL details and be available shortly. Please hold all questions (except those that really truly seem urgent) until the manual is released in the next month.

* We are going to run a pilot group for 4 weeks in August starting on August 9th.
* The purpose of this pilot group is to allow us to fine tune our kid specific teaching cues, and find our groove in teaching this type of population. This group of kids will also be helpful to the class once we run a full size group starting in September, as kids will often pay attention to what each other are doing more than what WE are doing!
* The two age groups that we will run are: KINDERS (minimum of 3 years old and up to/entering Kindergarden), and JUNIORS (in/entering Grade 1 to in/entering Grade 7).
* The pilot group schedule will be Thursday afternoons in August for 4 weeks: August 9th, 16th, 24th and 30th.
* Kinders will be from 4:30-4:55 and Juniors will be from 5:00-5:30
* The cost for the pilot group sessions (package of 4) will be $30.
* The first regular semester (Sept. 6th-Dec.22nd) will be $175+HST for the 16 weeks and will be both Thursdays and Saturdays.
* In the 4 pilot sessions we will take 6 Kinders and 8 Juniors
* If you would like your kids to be in the pilot group but will miss one class that is fine. If you are likely to miss more than one it is better if you just wait for the regular group.
* Once the regular program starts we will take 12 Kinders and 12-14 Juniors total. The regular classes will be on Thursday afternoons (same as pilot group times), and Saturdays at 8:45am and 9:15am. The membership is for both.
* There will always be two coaches teaching each class
* The program will be semestered similar to other kids programs with breaks around holidays and some school breaks (with potential for “camps” down the road)

* AT THIS TIME WE ARE ONLY ABLE TO TAKE CHILDREN OF CURRENT MEMBERS OF CROSSFIT SQUAMISH. Because of the high demand for Kids programming we will take kids based on seniority of the parent/guardian as members of CrossFit Squamish. We are sincerely sorry if we are unable to take your child into the program right away, but this is the most fair way that we see fit to manage enrollment.

* Once your child is in the program, they are entitled to their spot for as long as they would like it for continuous semesters, however, if your child leaves the program it will open up spots for new children on the seniority waitlist. Children returning to the program at a later date will join the end of the waitlist if one exists.

If this sounds like something your children are interested in please email me by July 6th (deadline for the pilot group). Please email ME (heather) at Telling Jesse, emailing Jesse, telling Mel, telling Jenn or telling your friend to tell me does not count! In your email please list your children who are interested, their ages, the grade they are entering and whether or not they are interested in being in the pilot group or just waiting until the regular fall semester, AND your very first day at CrossFit Squamish (go diggin in your visit history!). Once we collect all the emails we will create the master list. By August 1st I must receive ALL requests for the regular fall program. I will then create this initial master list for enrollment. If you have been a member with us for 2 years but forget to email me by August 1st you will lose your seniority and be added to the end of the list. Once the initial list has been created all new children will be added to the end of this regardless of their parents membership seniority.

So to recap… if you want your kids to be in the pilot group email me the info by July 6th. But you have until August 1st if you want to pass on the pilot group and still maintain seniority. After August 1st all new kids names will be added to the end of the list.

Thanks for reading this whole email 😉

This is going to be really really fun.