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Didn’t I just post this video on the blog a two months ago? Maybe. But it’s so good… Man, is it good… Let’s watch it again before carrying on.
Ok, now that we’ve got that business out of the way, it’s time to take our show on the road! Gym road trip, woot woot! Our friends across the boarder (CrossFit Rainier) are hosting a CrossFit Loggers Sports weekend. This will include 1 day of instruction and 1 day of competing against other CrossFitters. I’m committed to going and I suggest you come with me.

Date/Time: Aug. 27th-28th, 10AM-3PM (I’ll likely be driving down early saturday morning and coming back Sunday afternoon)
Location: Buckley Show Grounds, Buckley WA
Events: Single Buck, Double Buck, Standing Block Chop, Chokerman race (no log run), Axe Throw (they’ll be providing all the equipment)
Entry Fees: $50. money will go to FRAXA and the Busted Up Loggers Fund

Notes: If you have absolutely no experience but think this sounds fun you’ll be in the same boat as the other 30-50 people who’ll be there. They’ve got some pros coming in on Saturday to instruct. All in all it should be a fun CrossFit weekend, and a really good chance to chop and buck for all of you who have been asking about it.

If you’re keen talk to me and we’ll put a nice little plan together.