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CrossFit Kids & Teens updates for early 2016!

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CrossFit Kids Minis (3-5 yrs old) and Monster Minis (6-12 yrs old):

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There is space in each of these programs for the Winter semester running from Jan. 7th-March 10th.  Classes are on Thursdays (Minis from 4:45-5:10 and Monster Minis from 5:15-6).  Contact for details and pricing!

CrossFit Teens (13-18 yrs old):

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There is also space in this program that runs 4 days a week at 3:30-4:30pm (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday).  Please note the change from a Thursday to a Wednesday class!  Due to the technical and skill focused nature of the teen programming new teens must complete the regular CrossFit Foundations prior to starting the teen classes (their first monthly Teen pass covers the Foundations and the remainder of that month from the date of commencing Foundations).  The next Foundations starts Sunday, Jan 3rd at 4:30pm.  Sign up is at .  Please contact for further details.