CrossFit Kids Spring Semester!

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We are one week away from the start of the spring semester of CrossFit Kids.  We have a few available spaces in each age group:

MINIS (3-5 years old): Thursday’s 4:45-5:10pm, April 7th-June 16th (11 weeks), $110+GST

  • Emphasis: learning to work in a group and follow instructions, create body awareness through body weight movements (heavy emphasis on gymnastics style movement), introduction to functional movements like the squat, lots of jumping to help develop bone density, lots of upside and balance work to help develop the vestibular system (balance system of the inner ear), lots of play to help pair fitness with FUN!  This is a small group with lots of personal care for each child.

CFS-Kids & PL-0105

MONSTER MINIS (6-12 years old): Thursday’s 5:15-6pm, April 7th-June 16th (11 weeks), $110+GST

  • Emphasis: introduction to functional movements to help create body awareness (eg.squat, box jumps, pullups), fun challenging movements like rope climbs and sled pushing, team work exercises and games, introduction to technical movements  likely to be used as part of training for other sports (presses, cleans, snatch), demonstrate to kids that fitness is fun!

CFS-Kids & PL-0036


Please contact with questions or for more information about how to sign up!