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“The 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games are the ultimate test of fitness. The western Canada Regional Qualifier is a grueling multi-day, multi-event competition to determine who will participate in the finals in California this summer. Come see the 120 top men and women and top 30 teams give it their all at UBC’s Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre May 27-29. For more information on the event go to
– Ticketmaster

This being the case, May 27th, 28th, and 29th have been declared a national holiday at CrossFit Squamish. We’re closing the doors and encouraging any or all of you to either come spectate or volunteer. Heather and myself have been asked to take the role of head judges and will be heavily involved with the event all three days.

Tickets have gone on sale as of today on Ticketmaster and looks like the cost is 15.55/person (I’m not sure if that’s per day or for the whole weekend).

Volunteers are being recruited for:

Set-up: Capable strong people are needed to help set up and take down the WOD equipment and competition area. This is a position that will be busy on Thursday (May 26th) and again on Monday (May 30th). People in this position will also be available to help with other tasks on Fri, Sat, and Sunday if they wish.

Misc: As the weekend approaches the roles needed to fill with volunteers evolves. You may be doing any sort of support work running or organizing. Please know that you will not be asked to do anything you aren’t comfortable with and you do not need to be a CrossFitter to help contribute in some way.

T-shirts, snacks, lunch and bottled water will be provided for the volunteers. There will be a designated area for volunteers to collect, take breaks, and store bags and jackets.

To volunteer email event director Chris Schaalo ( and include the following:

-Full name
-Address, phone number, and email
-Dates available (May 26th-May 30th)

The spirit, heart, and comradery that’s demonstrated at an event like this is a must see. Take the weekend and make it happen. You’d be surprised what it will do for your own efforts in the gym.


p.s. If you will be staying behind that weekend you will have workouts posted on our blog for the regularly scheduled days that you will be able to do solo or in small groups…. more on that later.

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