CrossFit Games Open

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Monday, March 7th, 2011 CrossFit will launch the new 2011 Games Website.

The Big Picture:

Once again it’s CrossFit Games season and, as with the last two years, to make it to California to compete against the best CrossFitters in the world (as an individual or a team) you must qualify. This year “opens” are replacing the Sectionals held last year. From the open events held in each region 60 men and 60 women, as well as 30 teams, will move on to Regionals. From the 17 Regionals held around the world only the top few athletes and teams will move on to compete in California this summer. Our region includes all of Canada west of the Manitoba/Ontario boarder.


Opens will begin Tuesday March 15th at 17:00 with the release of the first WOD and run until April 24th at 17:00 with 1 WOD being release each week. Open events will be held at any gym who registers themselves (CrossFit Squamish will be registered). WODs will be programmed by CrossFit HQ and each athlete will have from the Tuesday the WOD is released until the following Sunday at 17:00hrs to submit their results to the new games website. Wait! What? Submit their own results! How does this process stay fair? Two ways:

1. Each athlete who is going to compete will have a judge who will manage their score and quality of movement (At CFS this will be done by Heather, Mike, or myself)
2. Once each athlete has submitted their score I will receive an email asking me to confirm their results.

Our plan is to have all our athletes who register for the Opens perform the WOD either during open gym on Thursday or Friday night at 19:45 (this class will be for competitors only). As for everyone else, depending on what the WOD is I will probably program it in anyway. So competitor or not you’re most likely going to do the WOD anyways.

note: this may change from week to week depending on what the WOD is. I will do everything possible to set you guys and gals up for the greatest success.


Your results will be compiled and posted, and you’ll be ranked against both the competitors in your region and the rest of the world. The athlete with the fastest time in their region will receive 1 point, 2nd place will receive 2 points, so on and so forth until all athletes have been scored. At the end of the 6 weeks the athletes and teams with the lowest score will move on to Regionals.


March 7th will mark the opening of registration for the 2011 games. So, everyone who wants to compete (including those who want to compete as a team) will need to register themselves on the new website. The date the registration closes has not been announced but will most likely be before the first WOD is posted on March 15th at 17:00. Cost is $10 per person.


Given we have enough interest to put a team together (minimum 3 men and 3 women), anyone and everyone who trains with us can register as Team CrossFit Squamish. With each week’s submitted scores the system will take the fastest 3 men and fastest 3 women’s scores and add their results together for a team total. So there’s not a downfall in having a team of 90 people (for example).

note: for your score to count towards the team total you must RX the WOD and all previous WODs.

To register as a member of Team CrossFit Squamish you’ll need to register as an individual first, then:

-search for our team on the website
-click “join the team”
-the request will then come to me (Team Captian), and I will add you as a member

Yes, you have to do this yourself. If you tell me at the gym you’d like to be added to the team I will shake my head at you.

Top 30 teams from each region will go on to compete at Regionals.


The Opens for Master will be the same as individuals but will have four age divisions:


Final note: Once you have registered please let me know so I have an idea of how many people will be participating.