CrossFit Comp Weekends… so fun.

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This weekend was a total blast. There is a funny ebb and flow to CrossFit competition weekends. Going in you don’t really know what to expect… people are nervous and there are all sorts of predictions about what will show up in wods. In the week leading up to Taranis we managed a few tweaky body parts and a couple of touch and go man colds, but they all put some foot to A$$ on taking care of themselves and felt pretty close to 100% going in and definitely had no issues over the weekend. Props to everyone for managing themselves so well and making good decisions. The weekend had a tough wod to start on Friday night, but like every other CrossFit comp I’ve been to people hardly remember the first day once they are in the thick of it.

The highlights for me from the weekend were (in no particular order):

1. Kevin’s wife Vicki trying hard to convince me (two times) that something was really ACTUALLY wrong with Kevin after the run/burpee/run wod on day 1…. he was in his familiar “take a knee” position on the grass at the track and though I can completely appreciate why this would concern Vicki, I also had to chuckle about the fact that my general lack of concern for this position wasn’t making her feel any better.

2. Nils carrying Brad in the team carry and Brad unintentionally supporting himself by bracing his hand on Nils’ tweaky left glute. Then Shliz doing the same thing on purpose after we laughed about it. Now that’s team love.

3. Shliz realizing that she needed to PR her shoulder press to be able to buy into wod #4 so deciding that an espresso right before going on the floor was a good plan… chugging it, gagging in front of all of us and then going out onto the floor, a last minute shudder, and hitting the press like it was no big deal. She told me yesterday (Tuesday) that she thinks she still might be reeling from that espresso.

4. Adrian losing his %&^* with excitement during Ellen’s final heat where she lead the heat to the C&J station. He was yelling cues so loud at her (right beside me while I was trying to cue her) in the C&J that he caught himself and yelled at me “ok you take this one”. So funny. I didn’t even know Adrian could be that loud. He was so proud it was amazing.

5. Shliz watching the equipment crew make a few last minute adjustments (with duct tape of course) to the pullup bar rig and saying to me “Is that going to hold?”, so I dared her to go interrupt Jesse’s event coordinating job and ask him the same question. You can guess the facial expression (and lack of verbal response) she got right on cue.

6. Kevin seriously plugging away in the pistol, sit up, lateral bar jump wod. He was in the zone.

7. Jenn looking like someone had just told her she was going to have to swim back to the mainland when she found out she was up against Alicia Connors on the morning of day 3…. coming to grips with it and waking up stoked to take on whatever the day had in store.

8. The team realizing that they needed 3 of them to PR their C&J in the wod that would qualify them for quarter finals… they made some great adjustments to their technique in the warm up pit and nailed their lifts no problem. Nils looked like he might eat someone after his lift and Tanya looked like she had just won 42 million dollars.

9. The team realizing that they needed to PR their C&Js AGAIN to be able to move on to semis…. they got to the end of the workout and Nils and Tanya made some amazingly intense attempts at their double PRs. The other team they were up against had already won the heat but there was still time on the clock so Tanya and Nils kept trying to complete their C&Js. The amount of effort they put in and the (no exaggeration) roar of the crowd in support was among moments I’ll never forget. It would have been exciting if they had got the lifts… but it wouldn’t have changed the quality of the moment.

Fantastic work to Kevin, Jenn and Ellen who threw themselves in the fire and tackled the individual competition. It’s not easy to put yourself out there like that but every time you do you build confidence and experience. And to Nils, Brad, Tanya and Shliz (with an “SH” people… not an “SC” btw), you were a great team, enough said.

SOOOOOOOOOO……. the next event on the radar is Cretus Ex Duellum in Lynnwood on Jan 18-20…… Most of the comp team is registered as individuals, and myself, Mike and Parky are a team (has to be one girl and two guys). This event has a different flare…. Anyone else interested?????????????

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