CrossFit Camp Summit Weekend May 10th-12th… It’s happening!!

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We really wanted to make this happen last fall but the weekends were so full with events that the only weekend we could make it work was already booked out for most people who wanted to come… so we postponed it and now it’s officially on for MAY 10th-12th.

This is a hard to one to describe in writing… to fully explain how fun camp is requires good stories with lots of elaborate gestures. Geoff and Daphne Park own Camp Summit in the Squamish Valley. When Vanessa M. first told me about it I was instantly nostalgic because it’s style resembles the camp that I grew up going to in Ontario (Parky and I actually went to all boy/all girl camps in Ontario that did events together each summer so we figure we must have crossed paths at age 12. Funny.).

The concept of camp life is so unique that I have spent a ton of my adult life either talking about it with other people who grew up going to summer camp… or trying to explain to people who didn’t why it was so amazing (sound familiar? …. like being at dinner parties trying to explain in words to non-CrossFitting friends why CrossFit is so great??!).

Ok so here is the deal with CrossFit Camp Summit weekend. We want to create a mini camp experience for our CrossFit community (and their families) that ties together camp life with a little CrossFit Squamish flare (did you see how crazy that game of duck duck goose got at the feast last weekend??!).

– Friday night: arrive, have a snack and settle into cabins
– Saturday morning: morning yoga/mobility, breakfast, activities, WOD (inclusive and family friendly), lunch, more fun things we can’t tell you about yet, pre-dinner “cocktail party”, dinner, campfire, more fun stuff…..
– Sunday: optional morning fitness or sleep in, breakfast, more activities that we can’t tell you about just yet (sorry but we know you are used to having to wait for information and you can’t text your way to info on this one), lunch, pack and leave 🙁

– This is meant to be a really fun inclusive weekend with fitness being (mostly) optional and definitely includes kids.
– Activities include ropes course, climbing wall, archery.
– Food will be a mix of classic camp items and paleo friendly items
– There are tons of cabins so you can choose who you would like to be roomies with or you can let us group you up randomly
– We STRONGLY encourage you to do the full weekend if you can but you can do a one night option if you really can’t make the whole weekend.
– This will all happen no matter what the weather does…. just like camp always does.

COST: Includes cabin accommodation, all meals and snacks (BYO… booze and sleeping bags)
-Adult full weekend: $145 + tax
-Adult 1 night: $125 + tax
-Child (4-16) full weekend:$115 + tax
-Child (3-16) 1 night: $95 + tax
-Children 3 and under are free (but still need to register)

– I have created a tab in Mindbody along the top where you find Classes, Massage Therapy etc. that says Camp Summit. You can pay online for yourself (and your people) by purchasing the appropriate categories (Adult, Child, 1 night, 2 night etc). I can then email you a registration form/waiver to fill out for yourself/family or you can pick one up at the gym.
– Alternately you can pay cash, cheque, credit, debit at the gym.
– If you choose to pay credit or debit we have added 3% to the cost to cover the card processing fees.
– Please also note that if you pay after April 1st there will only be GST on the price, but anything processed before April 1st will have HST.

– Sunday, April 28th… the day after the Expansion Party!

If you have any questions please ask myself, Parky or Vanessa M. (Don’t ask Jesse…. he still doesn’t know what camp is all about….)

This is such a wicked opportunity…. that sums it up 🙂


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