Cretus Ex Duellum

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As most of your know, Tanya and Slater went down to a competition in January in Lynnwood, WA hosted by our friend Jesse at Local’s Gym. It was a pre-opens event called Cretus Ex Duellum. Tanya and Slater competed in the couple’s category and did an amazing job. Here is the video of the event… it’s a bit long but stay with it as there is a celebrity interview part way though 😉

Cretus Ex Duellum Full version from 8 Rivers Films on Vimeo.

We’ll try not to make the Mexico trip conflict with this again next year so we can send more people down. This is the kind of event that is so worth competing in no matter what level you are at. And Jesse at Local’s gym is a rad guy and we love to support him 🙂 There was even word of their gym coming along on next year’s Mexico trip as a sister gym. So fun.


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