Cooking with Whey Protein

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A few people have asked us about cooking with Whey Protein so I did a little reading on the world wide web this morning (not even the craziest thing that people in 80’s movies thought we would be able to do on the eve of 2012). Here is what I found:

* “Can you bake with whey protein powder?”

* “Can I heat whey protein?”

* A random thread with some interesting responses to the question “Can I bake with protein powder?”

From my quick read through a bunch of sites and threads it seems like adding protein powder to baking is an effective way of adding protein to a baked good. It may denature the proteins as I suspected but it may not mean a loss of nutrients. Less heat seems better than more heat, and adding more oil may help to keep it moist as whey tends to thicken the recipe! And of course, the more the company has messed around with it and added weird stuff to it, the harder it is to predict what it will do biochemically when you heat it…. keep the quality of the product clean.

Let me know if you guys find anything else that adds to this info!


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