Compressport Gear Discount for CFS Members

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There is a ton of compression gear floating around the CrossFit world. Jesse and I get asked about it a lot and we are seeing lots of brands floating around the gym these days. In my opinion it is really useful stuff for workouts (depending on what it is and what pieces you have) and for recovery in particular. But there is a big range in quality and it seems like the market is flooded with brands right now (just because it squeezes you doesn’t mean it’s good). Jesse and I have owned the full tights (of another brand) for a bunch of years and find them helpful for recovery after big leg days. He has always liked the tops too. My first really convincing experience with compression stuff was when I ran my 14 hour 50 mile race in 30+ degree weather. I wore calf sleeves and when I finished didn’t even have a hint of swelling in my feet. By the time I ran my 100 miler 10 month laters I had done a little more research and had also been recommended to check out Compressport. I purchased the calf sleeves from them and wore them through training and then subsequently for 33 hours straight in my race. They are much snugger (that’s a legit word right?!) and don’t seem to stretch out the way some other brands do. I feel they are more durable and a smart design. Overall the swelling in my feet was again minimal immediately post race (I definitely did damage to my feet in that race but finishing with a 10,000 ft decent was mostly to blame). I also wear them on flights over a few hours now too.

Jayde has also worn Compressport regularly. She competed at Regionals last year with the arm sleeves and the quad sleeves. Recovery is such a big part of a weekend like that and we were both aware that the calculated use of her compression gear help a ton. She swears by them now.

This past weekend for the Fall Challenge we had just received our order of new stuff and I was able to test the quad and arm sleeves (a million times better than my old ones) and Jayde tested the full leg sleeves and the full socks. Our consensus is that this stuff is really good quality and super effective.

Jayde and I have both had contact with Jonathan who reps Compressport Canada and he has very generously offered a limited one month code for 25% off online purchases (will go down to 10% after one month) for CFS members. If you have questions about if this stuff is for you let us know.

To order go to I’ll post the code on the cork board at the gym by the log books.

The pieces we have tried and can testify are great: arm sleeves, calf sleeves, quad sleeves, full leg sleeves, short socks, and full socks. The sizing charts are on their website and you’ll have to do a little measuring before you order.

Ask us if you have any questions.

Heather & Jayde