The Community

Our community at CrossFit Squamish is built upon a strong respect for work ethic and unconditional support for each other. It is a space where people, who might not otherwise cross paths, share experiences and grow together. Conventional age and gender lines are blurred and close friendships are formed. Inside of training time the strength of the community is evident when people witness each others successes, and even more so when someone is struggling. Jeff and Mikki Martin (founders of CrossFit Kids) teach that the key to building long term fitness with kids is to pair fitness with fun. We believe that this is true for everyone. We work hard to keep the training serious but the atmosphere light. We laugh a lot. Outside of training time we host events (social or competitions) monthly to give our people a chance to connect and build their friendships out side of training time. We don't see ourselves as running a business with clients, but rather a community of athletes. Start by joining our online community by liking us on Facebook, our most active web space.


July & August Anniversaries!

Posted: August 3 2017 Blog, Community Blog


7 year: * Michael * Tanya (transfer from Whistler)

6 Year: * Duke (transfer from Vancouver)

4 Year: * Corbin * Kylie * Kaitlyn

1 Year: * Stephen * Allie H. * Aurora H.


7 Year: * Adrian * Ellen * Carlee G. * Nils (transfer Read More


March & April Anniversaries!

Posted: April 10 2017 Blog, Community Blog

MARCH! (oops sorry March people)

7 YEAR: * Ali * Kat

2 YEAR: * Tia * Elissa


5 YEAR: * Parky * Daphne * Clint * Kristy

3 YEAR: * Rhys (pre-teen now!) * Rylan (also pre-teen now!) * Sienna (Jayde’s Girls)

2 YEAR: * Read More