The goal of the CrossFit Squamish clinic is to merge healthcare and fitness by having practitioners who understand each component and work to create a symbiotic relationship between them. Our onsite clinic offers Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) and Chiropractic to both CrossFit Squamish athletes and the general public.

Injury prevention and care are most effectively managed by (re)establishing functional range of motion and optimal tissue health. This is as crucial in long term and successful fitness as the training itself. Our practitioners train in the gym as well as participate in sport outside of the gym. They regularly are exposed to, experience and study a diverse set of movement patterns which allows them to more effectively assess and treat CrossFit athletes. A full understanding of the complexity of each movement pattern creates more efficient communication in the treatment room and better integration of rehabilitative exercise on the training floor. Our practitioner’s have regular contact with the athletes, and the communication between each other and with the coaches provides the athletes with a unique and high level of comprehensive care.

To book an appointment please visit our online Schedule and click on either the MASSAGE THERAPY or CHIROPRACTIC tab.

First visit forms: Massage Therapy Intake Form | Chiropractic form.


RMT RATES (price include tax)
• 90 minutes: $155
• 75 minutes: $130
• 60 minutes: $105
• 45 minutes: $85
• 30 minutes: $60


• First Visit (45 mins): $80
• Subsequent (15 mins): $50
• Subsequent extended (45 mins): $80






Heather has been an RMT since 2006 and a CrossFit coach since 2009.  She is also a competitive powerlifter and ultradistance runner.








Paul is a Chiropractor with a degree in Human Kinetics.  His background is in competitive ski racing and coaching.