Cliff’s Smokey Sunday

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Sunday May 20th anytime after 7 p.m. at the gym.

“I will bring BAB out (big ass barbeque) and fire it up for anyone that wants to have smoked meat monday morning. BAB can hold 20 brisket or 40 pork butts or 80 chickens or 100 racks of ribs with room to spare so she needs a lot of meat to fill her up and make it worthwhile firing her up. The idea is Sunday after dinner drop off what ever you meat you want smoked, I will baby sit BAB overnight and then monday morning you can pick up whatever you brought. Being that BAB is so big I would like to get as many people as possible to bring something to have smoked (think large cuts of meat). The butchers at Nesters are familiar with what I usually get for either brisket or pork butt so I am recomending them but I don’t have a vested intrest either way as to where the items being smoked come from. If you are going to use Nesters however you should talk to them before Wednesday mid morning just to ensure that they have you meat for the weekend. The only cost besides the meat will be with any luck under $10.00 for charcoal, smoking chips and tin foil. A beef brisket is about $60 and weighs around 15# and a pork butt is about $25 and weighs around 10#. Both brisket and pork butt freeze super good so if it seems like a lot of meat it is but it can be made into many meals. Can anyone interested please sign up either at the gym or post to comments to make sure we can get 20 plus people that want to do this. Once you have picked up your choice of meat google meat rubs or marinades for the best options for bringing out flavor in your choice of meat.”

…and now for a short musical interlude…

You’ve really got to watch that a bunch of times. One for general overall feel and once more for each person in the band (I’d recommend starting with the guy on the far right).

Nesters has offered up a CrossFit discount on meat. Check out the poster at the gym for who to talk to, what to say, and the secret handshake. Is anyone else thinking: holiday Monday lunch time meat and greet?


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