Christmas Party

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We are planning our Christmas party for December 30th. What we would love to do is have a dinner with everyone. We went out to the Red Bench in Brackendale and have tentatively planned to have a dinner there. The menu that they could do for us looks awesome and it’s a cozy little space. The cost would be $35 per person (tax and gratuity in). The only potential issue would be if we have too many people, so we need to know from you guys ASAP if you are planning on attending. If the number gets too large we will source out another option (which given the date seems not to be an issue). Can you please post to comments ON THIS BLOG ENTRY if you are planning on coming and if you are bringing a guest, so we can keep a running tally. We will need to know by Monday night (we will also post this on the whiteboard for all the lame non-blogcheckers so they don’t get left out) so that we can secure the space.

So it would be:

Thursday, December 30th
7:30pm (last round of the Football total ends at 6:30….bahaha, ya right. It’s Jesse class)
Red Bench Restaurant and Bar in Brackendale
Attire: you’ll look good to us in pretty much anything that’s not gym clothing…but dressing up is always fun.

H & J

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