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We are currently running our last clump of Foundations (with a little waitlist growing for the next set). We won’t be adding any more Foundations until we have a better sense of how many people will be staying with us through the summer and how many people are going to come out of the woodwork in the next month (seems like there are a few from each category right now!).

Our goal at the gym is to maintain flexibility in your time of day scheduling and also make sure that there are options open to you if you do need to change your time of day every now and again. Because we are so close to our current capacity we are implementing a few new restrictions regarding sign-in. This shouldn’t be a concern for anyone who has been with us consistently and plans to stay on through the summer. The first of these changes is that we are going to disable the “unpaid sign in” feature. This way people who have paid for passes will have access to sign in for that duration. What this will mean is that you will have to be slightly more proactive about paying for a new pass before your current one expires. Currently there are very few people that sign in more than a couple of weeks at a time so you shouldn’t have a hard time getting the classes that you want. (please note that all previously booked “unpaid sign ins” are still on the schedule). The other reason that we have disabled this feature is that if people sign themselves in for a long long long time and then no longer renew their passes… we have to manually remove them from each class individually. If you are in some sort of “credit card bind” and can’t pay online but would like to be put in a class for a day or two unpaid, please email or call us as we will still be able to add people to classes unpaid on our computer.

The other change that we have made is that we will be de-activating accounts for people that we have not seen in over a month. If you have a special case that takes you out of the gym for longer than a month (and it’s not a pass hold) please speak to us regarding this. I hope that the reason for this change is obvious… if suddenly 10 people come back that we haven’t seen in months (and buy 3 month passes for example)… then 10 of you may get bumped from your regular schedule which we don’t feel is fair. Like we said, please speak to us about special cases.

If you are reading this and are considering “taking the summer off”, please know that we are not turning our backs on you… we just ask that you come speak to us about your programming, as training with us doesn’t have to be all or none.

Thanks for your understanding. Talk to us about any concerns!

Heather & Jesse

IMG_2423 Jesse and Steve doing a homemade WOD

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