Change of faces on the schedule

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When Jesse and I opened the gym we knew that eventually I would shift either towards more teaching or more clinic time depending on what was needed. Over the last 6 months the clinic has become so busy that I have often been booking 2 weeks out and it stresses me out when I can’t accommodate people. We have been fortunate to have Mike and Steve help us out with classes when we are away, and now Steve is able to help us out on a regular basis. Starting next Monday the 28th Steve will be teaching all of the Monday evening classes as well as Tuesday’s morning classes. I will be opening up more clinic time on Monday’s as well as adding Friday afternoon time slots. I will still be teaching Friday morning classes. For those of you that I now see regularly on Monday evenings… please email me or catch me in the gym if you have body related questions, or come to some Friday morning classes. I’ll miss you Monday nighters!

The other solution was Jesse taking bookings in the clinic and nobody wants that 😉 (picture the scene from Dumb and Dumber)

The massage schedule should be a little more open now, but as always if you are looking for an appointment and there isn’t anything soon enough or at a good time for you please use the waitlist feature (comes up after you choose your search criteria) or email me so that I know you are trying to get in. There are always cancellations and I’m good at getting people in but can only do this if I know you are trying!

Let us know if you have any concerns


p.s. Steve’s bio and contact info will be on the website shortly!

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