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KJ, Nils and I decided we want to represent our gym when we are running in Cali at the end of April, and shirts get covered by our packs so we are getting tights/shorts printed with our logo. We are printing them on the Lululemon plain black Wunder Under crop tights (for girls) and the Real Extreme Rx Hybrid short (for boys). These are the two materials we have had approved for printing this screen. I am having the screens made and printed up at Toad Hall in Whistler. If anyone else is interested in having a pair printed please bring me a pair of either of those exact make and model of tights/shorts and I will put them in the with order. It shouldn’t cost more than $10 per pair for printing. I need to have all items to be printed dropped off in the gym with a piece of tape on them with your name clearly marked on it by WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18TH. We will have them back by the following Wednesday. I would call the Lululemon store you plan on going to before to make sure they have your size in stock… Whistler was very low on sizes in black. Here is the design for each:

Because of the cost of setting up the screens to print, this is a one time order by request only. We will not be carrying any of these in stock. Down the road if there is enough demand we potentially could do another order but not for a long while. If you have questions about the Lulu or Real Extreme Rx products either call the company or ask someone who owns them (lots of girls in the gym have Wunderunders… they are my favourite tights of all time, and Steve and Slater have the shorts).

If you have any questions email me and I’ll do my best to get back to your right way.


p.s. And yes I did just post this from our balcony at the top of the Westin overlooking Waikiki Beach (I pre-wrote it though and was waiting for confirmation).

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