CFS Kids Program Winter Semester

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We are now in our 4th month of running the Kids Program. We have seen really big gains so far with their squats and other basic movements. We’ve played around with some gymnastics movements and they just started putting some numbers on the Kids PR Board! Oddly enough, burpees are the biggest hit!

The current semester will end before Christmas and we will resume with a new semester in the New Year which will run until spring break. There is space available if there are any other children of current members who would like to join in. Please email me at if you are interested in adding your child(ren) after Christmas and I’ll give you more info!

Age groups:
JUNIORS (6-12)
HIGHSCHOOL (13-18) (Highschool kids go through regular Foundations first)

Word on the street is that dinner time often gets hijacked with demos of burpees and handstands though…..

Heather, Mel, Jenn, & Ellen!