CFS is Proud to Announce a New Health Care Practitioner!

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Jesse and I are very excited to announce that Karen Ogilvie, BScPT will be joining our team part time in the new year. Karen has been CrossFitting with us for 3 years (her anniversary was on the 12th of November!). From the beginning she has been very open minded about our training methodology, and our application of functional movement to fitness training and rehabilitation. She has always been extremely respectful of our knowledge about training and injuries, and we really appreciate that. Jesse, Karen and I have developed a strong network of communication regarding our shared athletes/patients. Karen’s 10 years of experience as a physio is a great compliment to our vision of comprehensive training and athlete care. Over the past year and a half we have discovered that our athlete’s level of care has increased because of the natural alignment of practitioners that has developed. We want you to feel like you have a “team” working with you and having Karen working on site will make that concept more accessible. It is very important to us that your practitioners understand, respect and (even better!) DO your training!

Booking in with Karen will be exactly like it is with me for Massage Therapy. There is now a tab in Mindbody that says “Physiotherapy” that is next to the “Massage Therapy” tab. You will be able to book 30, 45 or 60 minute appointments online. Starting the first week of January, Karen will be available on Wednesday’s from 2-7pm.

I have been waiting for a reason to use this photo of us from the Squamish 50… good timing right??

Onwards and upwards CrossFit Squamish crew 🙂

Heather & Jesse

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