CFS Fall/Winter Event “Save the Dates”

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The other morning at 6am when suddenly “Rx+” turned into Jamie and Bal wearing weight vests just for fun and Marianne wearing the poo head for one whole round just cause (I told her to)…. it reminded me that we are rolling into what I consider costume season at CFS.  For some reason the tickle trunk(s) come out the most in the fall.  So Jesse and I just finalized some dates for the fall/pre-Christmas events!

1. CrossFit Squamish’s 6th birthday: Saturday, October 17th (time of day is to be determined…)

2. Halloween “WOD”: Saturday, October 31st

3. Christmas Party: Saturday, December 12th.  Lock this one down.  Ask anyone who went last year how it was and watch their facial expression (if you want some suggestions of who to ask then just let me know…).  That alone should stir up some interest in going.  This is way early fair warning so work your magic in your other Christmas party date negotiations.


So fun.