CFS Duffel Bag Order

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Lots of requests so it’s time for the next round order of CFS duffel bags. They will be exactly like the ones you see around the gym and in the picture above. We are also able to do a smaller version for the teens/kids. We are just waiting for the price on the smaller version as will let you know as soon as we know it. The bags are going to be pre-order and pre-pay only and we will submit the order on Wednesday, November 20th (hopefully they’ll be here for Christmas).

Please sign up on the sheet on the cork board over the log books with:

* The name you want printed on it
* Adult or kids size
* If you want a strap or not. They are an additional $5.
* Cash or cheque for $65 (+$5 for strap) for adult, kids TBD, and mark if you’ve paid and handed the cash to us personally. If we don’t have money from you before the order deadline we won’t order your bag. We won’t chase you down so it’s up to you to remember.