CFS Competition Team’s Fall Schedule of Events

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Our comp team has now been training together for a few months. It’s also the season where CrossFit specific competitions start to fill the weekends. The first one of the fall is the BC Summer Challenge on the 22nd and 23rd of September. We have people competing in the both the team and individual categories that weekend (both days). The next big CrossFit comp is the Taranis Winter Challenge in late November. Because of the extremely high interest in the team competition, Taranis is having teams do qualifier WODs this year for spaces in the comp. We (actually “they”… Jesse did the timing, and I did the photography) did the first of these qualifiers last night at Don Ross track. In teams of 4 they had to do a 400 m partner carry which each member being carried once and carrying someone else once. It wasn’t easy though some of their 400m splits were competitive with many of the “non person carrying” 400m time trials we’ve seen at the gym 😉

Here are a few of my favourite photos from the evening:

Tanya’s coaching in Shliz’s ear was the funniest part of this situation

It all looked normal here…..

What we didn’t see because it was dark was that at the far corner of the track Brad dropped Jenn…. he says he was trying to adjust her…. she says that when he bumped her up to adjust her, he actually kept moving forward while he did it and she fell straight on her face.

The team has been working hard and seeing really good gains over the last few months. They will really appreciate any support you guys have on those weekends if you can make it down. We’ll post more info as the time gets closer.

All of the photos from last night as well as a few from KJ and Karen’s events, and a couple of Bryce and his daughter’s beach wod are now loaded up on Photobucket here!

Have a great weekend!


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