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I’ve had a few people ask about doing another order of the Lululemon Wunderunders printed with our font and logo.  I know the last order happened a bit quickly because of the time crunch of our event so I’m going to open it up again and give you a ton of time this time to acquire your tights.  We will have to pay to set up the screens again so the cost will depend on how many people order but probably in the $10-20 range per pair unless we order a ton.  Let’s set a date of JUNE 15th to get the tights to me by.  They have to be black Lululemon wunderunders as we’ve had that material cleared and the seams line up properly (basically luon material works well).  Please leave the tags on until after we get them printed (just in case you need to return them) and please write your name on the tag with a piece of tape.   I can attest to the fact that the Wunderunders don’t ride up or down at all when running… in my opinion they are the best running tight that Lulu makes which is funny since they aren’t running specific.  Guys if you want to get the Real Xtreme Rx Hybrid shorts printed you are welcome to jump in on this order too.  JUNE 15th people.  I’ll give you another warning as the date gets closer but please get them in to me sooner than later so I can have a better idea of how the cost will divide up when people ask me.



Endurance season is definitely here and there has been some talk of getting technical bike/traithlon/run jerseys made up to race/train in.  This will definitely be a custom order for those who want one.  We are still looking into brands and styles of shirts, design options and therefore I have no idea the cost yet.  If you would be interested in having a CFS jersey please email me and let me know what style you would like (bike/triathlon with pockets in the back, hate V-necks, love V-necks etc), if you have any specific preferences for cut or make, when your first event is that you would want it for, and your upper limit that you are willing to pay.  We will see what the interest is and then get some quotes and make a decision.  This one might be a bit of a balancing act so bear with me!


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