CFS 2014: New Years State of Affairs Address

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Your presence is being requested. We’d like to think of this as a slight bullying twist on asking you polity to attend:).

With the new year rung in and the 2014 Opens 8 weeks away it’s time to sit down as a group and have a quality talk. Next Friday night (Jan. 10th) at 8PM Heather and myself along with Slater, Mike, Ellen, Mel-Z, Karen and Tonya are excited to be presenting the following 7 topics in an 1-1/2hr community address:

-CFS: Our story and origins
-CFS: Vision and direction
-CFS: Community
-Programming: Why we do what we do… or if you prefer: why this Sh*t is so damn important
-the 2014 Opens plan for the gym: preparation and execution
-Health care: Body maintenance for CFS athletes and smart use of our resources
-CFS: Kids/teens

We consider this meeting critical and have the hopes that all available members will attend. The event is up on Mindbody and we’d be stoked if you’d sign in so we can get an idea of how many chairs we’ll need.

Why you might ask? Because knowledge is powerful and enabling. The smarter all of you are and the better an understanding you have of CrossFit Squamish, what we do, and why we do it the better you will become. We’re presenting it in this format because this will be most awesome done once, and in person rather than as a post somewhere or repeated 8-10 times in a day during classes.

Very stoked,

Heather and Jesse