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Jenn B. has offered to make a compilation of great paleo recipes and put it into an actual real paper book format for us. It’s important to note that this is JUST for the use of our gym members and their families, and is not for anyone’s profit. All submissions must appropriately credit the original source (website, book etc.) as we are not looking to plagiarize please 😉 Here is Jenn’s promo blurb:

“I know many of us in the gym have been working hard to clean up our diets in hopes of becoming mean and lean – and over the course of this transition, many new foods have been introduced to our vocabulary but what has been most surprising is the many ways in which these great foods can be prepared allowing them to taste delicious and yet still offer incredible nutritional value.

Over the past several months, I have overheard many people sharing recipes, making suggestions on which blogs to follow to find new inspiration in the kitchen and of course submitting tasty ideas to the CF Squamish food blog for us all to see and try. I have found it difficult to remember where I saw a recipe that I wanted to try, and maybe I’m a bit old school but there is something about having a cookbook with sticky pages perched open on the countertop as you throw a dash of this and a pinch of that into a dish that you pray will taste as good as it looks in the photo.

I thought it might be fun to put all of our favourites into one place and call it our own hence the creation of the Crossfit Squamish Cookbook (or insert a fun, catchy name here).

Here is what we need from you:

PALEO RECIPES! (you don’t have to have invented them yourself) They can simply be recipes that you have found online or through friends, or perhaps ones that you have modified to make your own, and that have now become a staple in your meal rotation. If the recipe is not your own original you must credit the original artist/chef/author, and need to include the name and/or website and/or book in your submission. Please also feel free to submit more than one, the more the merrier. We would also love to diversify the cookbook into sections like; sides, salads, MEAT, Bacon dishes, desserts, snacks, pre/post workout, etc. Ideally we will end up with about 10 recipes per section. Keep in mind that yams and bacon are common ingredients and we would like to diversify beyond these delicious and popular dishes!

Nothing says try my recipe like an enticing photo. Take a photo of your tasty creation and include it with your submission. People generally aren’t interested in the recipe that has no photo!

MORE PHOTOS! Feel free to also include a photo of you so we can personalize our cookbook and show off how awesome and ridiculously good-looking we all are! ( Heather here… There is a lot of potential in this department, take advantage of it.)

: We need a good title for our cookbook, so please send any suggestions with your recipe submission.

DEADLINE: We figured this would be fun to have printed in time for Christmas, so we can all wrap one up and put it under the tree from Santa.
Please submit your recipes and photos no later than Nov 27th. (Submit to Jenn please)

This will depend on a few variables including; how many pages we end up with and the size of our order. Once the book has been created, we will send out another message to the group to see who is interested in ordering as we will then have a better idea of cost. We are going to charge what is costs to print & ship and nothing more, if there are a few dollars leftover they will be donated to the Squamish Food Bank on behalf of CrossFit Squamish.

EMAIL: Submissions can be send to

In SUMMARY: This will ony work if we all contribute and collaborate. This will be a great resource for all of us, especially those who feel creatively challenged in the kitchen, I mean really there are only so many ways you can cook sweet potatoes…..or are there?

Any questions please speak to Jenn B. at the gym or at the above email address.”

… Make sure you thank Jenn for offering to take on this task!

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