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1. So you thought that Carlee’s 28 1/4″ limbo was impressive (ok so was Nick’s 29 1/4″ and everyone else’s 32 1/4″…Mel and Kale… your 6am limbo efforts were not forgotten), but check this out:

2. Next Friday night we are heading down to Seattle for the comp so Friday afternoon classes will be cancelled. There will be regular classes on Thursday night to make up for this. So come to either Thursday night or Friday morning…. but not both!

3. For those of you who are coming to the comp, here is a link to the Crossland hotel in Puyallup that we have stayed at a bunch of times that is cheap and has kitchenette’s… if your taste wants something a little more upscale there are literally a only couple more options in Puyallup, but in my opinion this is the best deal for what we are up to.

4. The Atlas Stones have arrived… just not in Squamish. It would seem that when it comes to shipping, British Columbia and Great Britain are close together in the location selector bar (error on this shipping end). Fear not, I will still have something stone’ish for you to lift come Sunday.

Heather & Jesse

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