Busy April… The Week Ahead:

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April is flying by and I have had so many people ask me this week “Is ‘whoever’ around? I haven’t seen them in ages”. That’s how its going these days. Lots of you are ships passing in the night, even with us! So here is where we are at and where we are going…

Our trip was fantastic. On day 4 we acknowledged that we hadn’t hit that level of relaxation since waaaaay before we opened the gym. So, we are back and rejuvenated and as busy as ever.

Last Thursday we started a new group of Foundationers (who are awesome by the way). Slater is assistant teaching them with us and Mel and Jenn are continuing to shadow.

Tomorrow is Steve’s last (official) shift. Sad but true. Don’t make him get all emotional, he has to save his energy for the weekend 😉

Friday is the start of Regionals. If you didn’t know that by now I don’t even know what to tell you 🙂 Steve is fired up and we need to give him all the support we can. If you haven’t already figured out what you are up to and are looking to carpool down with some other people from the gym you can post to comments here. I highly recommend wearing your CFS clothing and/or buying a Steve shirt once you are down there. Jesse is going to by crazy busy there all weekend and I am out of town so you guys are on your own to represent us in the cheering department. Be loud. And take pics on your phones and keep our Facebook page updated for me (that means you Slater).

Reminder that the gym is closed this weekend (Friday-Sunday). There are 4 regular classes on Thursday morning though.

Have a great week and we’ll all reconnect again next week and roll on into our summer routines… I think it’s time for cruiser bikes, Farmer’s markets and maybe some double dutch in our warmup (hey Michelle??).


ps. To those of you who have been asking… this weekend is not my “big” race… this is a training run… but thanks for the good lucks 🙂

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