Quick update about the status of our fall CrossFit Kids classes. The fall semester will run from the first week of September until the week before Christmas for a total of 16 weeks. Monster Minis (6-12 yrs old) will continue on Thursdays from 5-5:45pm and Minis (3-5 yrs old) will continue on Saturdays now starting at 9:30-10am.

MINIS are currently full (but accepting waitlist) with the following kids confirmed:

* Campbell
* Sienna
* Lilian
* Scarlett
* Nash
* Lila
* Riley

MONSTER MINIS has room for one more with the following list confirmed:

* Alex
* Rebecca
* Spencer
* Ayden
* Abby
* Maya
* Rhys
* Rylan

If you would like to add your child to the waitlist for this semester please contact me via email at heather@crossfitsquamish.ca. I will be looking for final confirmation from enrolled kids mid August.





Saturday, July 12th 12:00pm.

It was SO good the first time that we couldn’t wait until the pit of winter to host the next one. This will also take the place of our summer Venice Beach Day party so we’ll bring out the hotdog machine and water toys too. As always costumes are well respected.

Sign up on the PL/Kids white board in the gym if you are interested in playing. Teams will be made day of by drawing names out of a hat. The randomness will be good. Though Jason was mad when I told him because he was looking forward to wearing Danica’s PL onesie again as part of the PL team. I told him he could wear it anyways.

Fun right?!


*** MAY *** (sorry May people for the delay… you were not forgotten… this just a little ways down my “to do” list):


- John S.


- Daryn (transfer from North Van)
- Hazel
- Aliesha

*** JUNE ***


- Mary –> NOTE: Mary has had 773 training sessions since she started…. holy $%&#. This puts her in 12th overall
- Jenn B.


- James
- Lindsay
- Rory
- Suzanne


- Brandon

1 Year:

- Nile
- Kenzie
- Caleb (our summer seasonal guy!)
- Kat (will be back soon post bebe)

Here is the interesting fact sheet. This is the top 10 list for most training sessions in the gym of all time (not including Foundations and not including Jesse and I!):


Give these people are serious high five when you see them next.


We do our best to pay attention to seasonal trends and make sure that classes are being used efficiently. With people away on vacations etc. during the summer we want to be efficient with class numbers and coaching times. We also know that you all (and us too) are creatures of habit and that changes to routine can be unsettling. Like any good change, we’ll adjust and be ok :) We did our best to run some changes by most of you that use the classes being changed. Let us know if you have any major concerns that become a restriction to you training at all.

1. Over the last two summers we noticed a trend away from the later morning classes and so combined the last two into an 8:15am only. Though it worked for numbers it was a hair too early for a few people, so this year we are combining them for the 8 weeks of July and August into an 8:45am class. It sounds like a weird time but is the balance point between people who have to be at work after and people who have to manage kids before. We hope this is manageable for everyone for those 8 weeks. If you will be a bit late just let us know.

2. For now we will leave all 4 evening classes on the schedule. During the first 2 summers we were open the last two classes got combined into one. During the last 2 summers those classes got used more. For now it will stay the same (unless they aren’t being used efficiently) EXCEPT that moving forward permanently starting the first week of July the evening classes will now be 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm and 7:30pm. Again if you are going to be a few minutes late for the last class that is ok just let us know.

3. Starting in July the Saturday morning classes will be 6:30am, 7:30am, 8:30am and 9:30am. Permanently. In the fall the Minis will start at 9:30am as well.

4. Starting the first week of September when we go back to 4 morning classes they will be 6am, 7am, 8am and 9am. People dropping kids off who might sometimes be a few minutes late based on school traffic congestion etc are ok. The last class can afford to be a bit more relaxed for start time but out of respect for coaches we will ask that you be efficient in your warmup if you are a bit late.

5. The weekend of Stones and Strength we have cancelled the first and last morning class on Saturday because of coaching limitations. Mike is coming off a night shift and heading to volunteer for the Test at 11am but has offered to teach the 7:30am and 8:30am classes (what a guy!!). If you were previously registered for the first or last class you aren’t any more so please choose another one! We will bump numbers where we can (that always means fun things for programming right?!)

Because of stat holidays in the summer and the changes please make sure to check your schedules at the beginning of each week to make sure you know what you are up to. Talk to us if you have any concerns. We try to cater to the mass when making these scheduling adjustments but will take into consideration any unique circumstances that you may have. Talk to us :)

Heather & Jesse



Both CrossFit and our gym has come a long way since the fall of 2009, and like any performance system there must be constant progressive adaptation based on knowledge, experience gained, and a willingness to critically re-evaluate anything to achieve continually better results (at all levels). Two things are different this month:

Thing 1 (with the bushy blue hair on the left): To allow for better mobility prep, food timing, clothing preparation, health care timing, and coordination with multiple sports we will now have a private group on Facebook where by 10PM on Sunday night-ish we’ll have posted the week’s workouts. Concerns: A) Athletes pick and choose: They pick the days they like and choose not to come the days they don’t like (not great choices when it comes to bettering your weaknesses). B) Stress/anxiety from knowing what’s ahead. C) Athletes knowing what’s ahead of them versus being able to perform any task at any time. If we feel like these things are being kept in check and the benefits are outweighing the disadvantages this system will prevail. Note: you don’t have to be part of the group if you don’t want to know what’s ahead, we just want to make it available for those who it will have a positive effect on. On that same note please respect those who don’t want to know what the workout is the same way you don’t want to know the hockey score for the game you PVR’d (good analogy right?). The group will be called CFS Weekly WODs and will be available to all current members of CFS. You can request on Facebook to join the group or you can add each other to the group but we will approve all new members before they can see the content. It is also important to know that this page is merely for us to post the workouts and not an online version of “gather around” question/panic time. Here is the link to the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/323674544448919/

Thing 2 (with the bushy blue hair on the right): Comp Team 2.0 has seen some changes in the last month. Programming has taken an even greater divergence from that of regular classes, as the needs and requirements for a competitive CrossFit athlete are ever increasing and diverging from that of a athlete training CrossFit for progression in other sports, life, better health and fitness etc., as well as the schedule has slightly changed. Comp Team now trains the same schedule and start times as regular classes (though duration may vary), with the addition of Thursday as a skills day. This is to allow for a more flexible schedule and thus better attendance. We also hope that this will remove the barriers for new Comp Team members who where previously restricted by schedule. Here are the ins/outs to be part of/maintain part of the new Comp Team:

A) High quality and full range of motion on all movements
B) Injury/issue free
C) Can Rx most all workouts that come up in training
D) Able to train a minimum of 5 sessions a week
E) Must compete for CrossFit 3 times per calendar year
F) Sit down meeting prior to joining Comp Team
G) Cost: $20/month

In some of these there’s wiggle room and in some there is none. The goal with this group is simple: Build the best CrossFit Athletes we possibly can. From our town of 17 000, and our gym of 180, we had 3 of our 10 Comp Team athletes go to Regionals as Individual competitors. We’ve observed, critically reviewed, and tinkered with our programming (like Velociraptors testing the fences… for those of you who watched Jurrassic Park in 1993.. egad!). If you want to be part of this or have any questions, comments, concerns please touch base with me.

CrossFit Squamish: Moving ALL athletes closer to their potential!




* Ali
* Carmen

* Jill
* Peaceful Paul

* Steve
* Kris


* Frenchy

* Clint
* Kristy
* Daphne
* Parky

* Ed
* Bowen (Kids)


Tonight at 5pm the final Open workout will be released. I sent an email to a few local media sources earlier this week to let them know about the magic (I didn’t use that word) that has been happening at CFS on Friday evenings. I showed Jayde the email yesterday and her reaction made me realize I should share it with all of you. Not only is this the final Open workout, but it’s also the last chance for a little while for us to come together to cheer on so many of our competing athletes. The next step (Regionals) is amazing and exciting in its own way but we will only feel so attached to a few people there. Here is what I wrote in my email:

“Jesse and I would like to invite you to a really exciting community event happening at CrossFit Squamish (38930 Mid Way) this Friday evening from 6:45pm-9pm. The CrossFit Games Open (www.games.crossfit.com) is an online qualifier for the CrossFit Regionals (May), and ultimately the World CrossFit Games (July), that consists of 5 weekly workouts that people perform in their local gym. Athletes compete and log their scores against over 200 000 people worldwide, and specifically the rest of Canada West (1 of 13 regions worldwide), in hopes of qualifying for the Canada West Regionals in May at the Richmond Oval.

At CrossFit Squamish we have 42 of our athletes registered for the Open and have created a weekly event out of it on Friday nights so that the athletes can compete against each other and with the support of family and friends. The evenings have included registered judges for the workouts, tons of supporters (up to 50 spectators each week), cooked food provided by Cliff and really really loud cheering.

What is exciting for us at CrossFit Squamish is that we currently have 3 athletes that are in a position to qualify among of the top 48 men and 48 women in Canada West to compete at Regionals. One of our coaches at CFS, Jayde Quilty, is currently sitting in 2nd place in Canada West (out of 1900 women) after 4 of 5 workouts, and 65th on the Worldwide Leaderboard (out of over 65 000 women)! She has not only secured herself a place at Regionals but is hoping to be one of 2 women who will qualify in May to go to the World CrossFit Games in California this summer. In 2013 Jayde finished the Open online qualifier in 11th and placed 6th at Regionals, missing qualifying for the World Games by 4 places. You can imagine our excitement this year!

Andrew Slater, another CrossFit Squamish coach (and Whistler Ski Patroller), is currently going into the final workout in 38th place in Canada West. If the workout goes well for him this week, this will be his first time qualifying for the Canada West Regionals. Brad Burling, another athlete of ours (and owner of local company Burling Builders), is sitting in 51st place in Canada West. It is well within his reach to do well this week in the final workout and also qualify for Regionals for the first time.

What is really exciting and inspiring is that the other 39 CrossFit Squamish athletes competing in this event are Squamish locals including teachers, nurses, moms, grandmas, Quest University faculty and business owners. The atmosphere that is created in these events is hard to describe in words. We strongly encourage you to come check it out. The workout details are released at games.crossfit.com at 5pm on Thursday evening. Heats at CFS start at 6:45pm on Friday. The final heat with our elite competitors will be the last heat of the evening (roughly sometime around 7:30-8:30pm as heat lengths depend on how long the workout is).”


All current, past and future CFS members and their friends are welcome to come out on Friday night. We encourage you to wear your reds and blacks and CFS gear. Your support means so much to the athletes. Please park on the street if possible!

Heather & Jesse


“Where are you and Jesse going again?” is the question of the week for me in clinic so it’s time to give a little run down of what we’re up to for the two weeks we’re away in April. Originally I thought we might just slip off to Cincinnati without really explaining much, but then this morning I thought maybe a little online update would be a good idea. Coincidentally, I had a small breakdown during training today related to the trip. It’s been a looong time since I have written a blog post with personal content in it so it’s time for a little sharesies (I was allotted and stuck to my 2 minutes for bio at the Gym Meeting and Jesse took at least 8 so here is me making up for my lost 6).

My frustration in training today turned out to be a great catalyst for a mindset shift. It always feels vulnerable to share personal feelings on the internet (the internet is so judgey these days don’t you think??), but if you put it out there then maybe someone can relate and be provoked to think about something in a new way. The “process” of training for something is really my personal passion. It’s stimulating on a personal level and I inevitably learn stuff that ties into my work. In the grand picture it is just fitness but, like the CrossFit gym, we know it has more layers of importance than that. And in our own little bubbles it’s something that we invest a lot of time and energy into and that in itself makes it important enough to spend time thinking about. Those of you who were around 2 years ago when I trained for and ran the Angeles Crest 100 mile race know that I take my fitness journeys seriously and get very engaged in the process (it’s a luxury in life that I am grateful for). In many ways this is the 2 years later update to that story.

I came out of that race with some pretty serious adrenal fatigue and a significant strength loss (backsquat down 50#, bench press down 15# and deadlift down 30#). I decided in January of last year that I needed to kick start the strength building process and I moved onto a full powerlifting training schedule. My muscle tissue had become so accustomed to the slow twitch recruitment from running ultras (even though I was CrossFitting full time) that the last year and a bit has been a very long, slow recovery process that has made me lose it more than once. I didn’t even match my old lift PRs until late last summer. Things progressed well through the fall and I felt good about my results in the fall PL meet in Seattle. I took a little break to do “CrossFit” for 3 weeks before the Taranis comp, competed there on the team, and then went straight to Hawaii. While we were away I got an invite from Laura Phelps Sweatt (strongest powerlifting woman in the world, teaches the CrossFit Powerlifting cert, co-owner of Sweatt Shop/CrossFit Conjugate in Cincinnati, amazingly lovely person) invited me to come and compete in the 2014 SPF Women’s Pro/Am Powerlifting meet. If it were a bad after school TV show about powerlifting I would think that it was a giant set up for me to get ridiculed…. how’s that for a crack in self confidence?! But it’s not (I can only hope at this point) and that’s just how lovely and inclusive Laura is. So… like I do with any big opportunity presented to me… I mention it casually to Jesse like it’s a proposition, and 4 minutes later say I’m doing it like it’s a fact.

So that’s where we are going. Cincinnati, Ohio for the meet on April 12th. The last 5 months have been game on. Powerlifting programming is really really hard work for many many hours a week. We look like we are dawdling around and sitting a lot but the energy output is exceptionally high. There are pieces (let’s be honest… 2 of 3 lifts) that I am really happy with right now; and there is one piece that is testing my patience and capacity to withstand repeated failure that’s at a threshold that I am unfamiliar with. The hard part about lifting is that there is absolutely nowhere to hide from your weaknesses. I find in CrossFit that if you aren’t high level you can bury them a bit in a wod and pick away at them on the sidelines. In powerlifting you train the same 3 lifts (in variation) and their accessory movements every single week. You make the lift or you don’t. Pass or fail.

Here is where I get all sharesies with you in hopes that you can take pieces of it and relate. My bench has been stuck at the same PR for 2 years now (minus the huge dip and recovery after AC). I feel like all I do is train that lift and everything around it goes up including the accessory work, but not the lift. My analytical side has been more than stimulated with trying to figure this one out, but my ego is damaged by it. The plan in my head was to have it all fixed by this meet (this is when the problem started) and go to Cincinnati with respectable numbers (this is what showed how naive I was about what goes on in Ohio, the powerlifting nucleus of the world haha). Today’s training session exposed that the gains that I have hoped for with my bench are not there yet. This began a tiny little pity party that turned into a negative head space really quickly. It’s quite remarkable how fast it can escalate. Probably one of my favourite aspects of coaching is working with head space and internal dialogue so its really interesting (in an incredibly annoying kind of way that leads to talking to yourself) to see it happening to yourself in real time.

I usually sport psych myself out of funks but today Jesse and I had a talk that had a character reminiscent of mile 40 in my 100 miler. Today the conversation went something like… Jesse pointing out things that seem really obvious and I would say to someone else but somehow have forgotten, a couple of statements like “you know, even if you benched 160# you’d still get crushed” (sounds mean but is actually quite a reasonable point), a few statements about me having no idea how amazing an environment we are going to for learning, and a couple of reminder points about how long and slow a training curve can be. Why is it so hard to put our egos aside sometimes and see the really obvious facts? I think we do this to ourselves in the gym a lot don’t we? We can lose perspective of the bigger picture really easily.

Cue the pile of self acknowledgements and subsequent realizations: I am a huge fan of experiences that push my comfort zone boundaries, but I think I have really knocked it out of the park with this one. I would say that over the last 5 months I have used a low grade level of nervousness to motivate me. Nervous is not a common feeling for me. Today I also realized that I have been carrying a significantly acute concern for not screwing up the whole thing in front of all of these world class female lifters, Laura and Shane, Jesse and… my whole gym. In no way has this been debilitating to overall training, but it sure did slowly steer me slightly off course in my head space and my expectations of myself. I say it all the time to people in the gym and today Jesse had to say it to me… unless you are actually an elite athlete, nobody really gets all that fussed (outside the moment) about what your results are. The key is to work hard and do what you need to do to make yourself a better athlete (physically and in your head). Trying to perform to meet an expectation that you THINK someone else has of you is a bit nuts when you really think about it. This whole experience is a good reminder to me of how important it is to know where you want to head as an athlete and why, and then to stay on course. This meet is a tool in my bigger plan, not the A event.

So now it’s game on again. I am going to Cincinnati to crush (in the little world of Heather) what I’m good at, play it safe with the bench and hope for the best in the meet. I’m going to soak up every single available piece of information out there about powerlifting and training from the people who are literally the best in the world at what they do. I am so incredibly lucky for the opportunity. And Jesse is over the moon, as you can imagine, about spending a week with people who are bigger than him and want to talk about lifting all day every day. He also says we “have to” have a grilled cheese donut.

Here is the promo video for the meet. No kidding I got a little nervous.

And once that’s all said and done we are heading straight to Red Rocks outside Vegas to climb for 6 days. (Clearly the second week of the trip only gets one sentence of this blog).



Mel K (“tall Mel”, “Quest Mel”, “7am Mel”, “not Mel who just had the baby Mel”) and I were discussing today that people have been asking for yoga and mobility classes again. So here is what we are going to try out for a while… we will do a blend of yin yoga classes (Mel) and specific mobility classes (me) a couple of times a month (likely one of each a month).

My mobility classes will focus on a specific zone (shoulder, hips, spine etc) for each class and you can bring your own lacrosse ball and foam roller. We will blend rolling and stretching.

Mel’s yoga classes will be yin based (the hold your stretches for a long time type) with a focus on what CrossFitters need most or what we need in particular that week based on programming. Here is Mel’s mini bio:


“Teacher training:
· 200-hour Hatha Yoga teacher training in Baja, Mexico
· Skeletal Variation and Teaching Yin Yoga, with Paul Grilley in Portland
· Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training, through Yoga Outreach in Vancouver

My favourite style of yoga, and the style I teach most often, is yin yoga. It works for me in two ways. As a CrossFitter, the long stretches and work deep into muscles, connective tissue, and joints is a perfect way to aid recovery and maintain mobility and flexibility. Secondly, the time for meditation and breathing that comes with the long holds of yin poses is a wonderful way to help slow down my too-busy mind, and bring me back to being present in the moment.”

So… the first class will be yoga with Mel this Sunday, March 30th from 6pm-7pm at the gym. Each class will be a $5 cash drop in. You can sign in on Mindbody.

We are excited about this…. you really should be too :)




As we wrap up Food Group 2.0 we’re going to jump right into Food Group 2.1!

Who we recommend it to: Anyone who’s keen to make changes to their diet with the intention of positively affecting their health and performance (this can include weight loss, weight gain, but must include performance, health, and how you feel as priorities)

Requirements: current CrossFit Squamish athlete

Spots available: 12 (no extra spots will be added)

Duration: 5 weeks

Cost: $60

What will be covered:
-Each person will be provided with a base meal plan each week. The athlete will learn how to tailor this program to suit their goals and will be held accountable each week for their success.
-The athlete will learn how to make good choices and adjustments on the fly and be able to justify those choices.
-Athletes will learn how to time and manage their pre and post workout foods and supplements.

-All pre course material (online articles and videos) must be read/watched before day 1.
-Athlete will food log for the 5 weeks. Athlete will be able to set aside the time required to prepare food and eat. A laptop will be a valuable asset as we’ll work off Google Docs.
-Athlete will follow the plan each week that they helped build and be accountable for their food. Your payment gets you in, but only your effort will see you finish.

Meeting dates:
Sunday March 23rd 7:00 (at the gym)
Thursday April 3rd 7:30 (at the gym)
Thursday April 10th 7:30 (at the gym)
Thursday April 17th 7:30 (at the gym)
Wednesday April 23rd 7:30 (at the gym)
Thursday May 1st (individual meetings)

How do I sign up:
1. Go to Mindbody and sign into the Food Group class on March 23rd.
2. Go to Mindbody and under Services – Extra Programming – you’ll find Food Group
3. Purchase (but don’t purchase this if there isn’t room in the class anymore, we won’t bump the class number just because you bought one)