Blindfolds, Gas Scares, a Dog, and Another Day at the Gym

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IMG_2135Today was different enough with people spending 15-30 minutes blindfolded and being guided around by others, without me arriving at the gym this morning at 9:30 to a sulfur/sour egg smell (and Heather having left at 8:30 with no smell). After a short stint of hopeful denial (it’s probably just me or something outside) I was brought to my senses by the vision of me clicking the heat on, followed by a perspective shot of Squamish and a large mushroom cloud eminating from the industrial park. So I called Teresen Gas and moved the group outside (note: I did given them the option to call it a day, and they chose to stay for the workout, making me a proud coach). After a morning of inspections and hypothesizing, the problem was still notably present at 3PM. In passing I made a comment to our neighbours about the bad sulfur smell, to which they responded (much to my surprise): “It’s sulfur all right. We left the truck battery on high charge all night and it ran dry. Our place doesn’t smell at all anymore, you should open your bay door. Air it out you know?” . By 6:45, with both doors open, the ceiling fan on, and exhaust fans running overtime, the smell was gone. Good work today on the WOD, communications can be the difference between finishing quickly, and unnecessarily calling Teresen Gas. I like you guys!


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