Bison time again!

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1. When we told people that it wouldn’t be until August that we would do another bison order, it felt a long long time away (so did the wedding for that matter). But, as per usual, summer flew by and now it’s time to put our order in again.

We will post a sheet on the cork board at the back of the gym and you can write your name down for a box. Also mark if you would like to share a box with someone (this seemed to work out well last time). The list will come down at the end of the day next Tuesday.

2. The schedule is now up until the end of the year. We have also added an 8:15am class starting on Tuesday, September 14th, which will hopefully alleviate some of the morning congestion! We decided that we will be cancelling classes on Monday the 13th after our wedding (we are calling it a… 1 day honeymoon!). Thanks for your understanding.

3. Please try to keep the Saturday morning waitlisting craziness under control. This week is a great example of the waitlist being almost completely full with people who are actually registered in another class that morning. It makes it a bit messy when the waitlist starts to move, and is frustrating for the people who aren’t actually in any of the classes yet! We have yet to see the Saturday morning classes at full capacity, but will add another if needed once we see full attendance. Until then, please be really on it with your signing up/cancelling and waitlisting.

Happy rest day! Stretchy stretchy…..