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Heres the info from Maluma. They’ve reserved 16 boxes for us, so it’s fist come first serve. Sign up at the gym by this Friday night.

Free-Range, Grass-Fed BISON Meat for the individual household.
MALUMA Free-Range Bison are 100-percent, grass-fed &
free of antibiotics and growth hormones.

This means the meat is healthy, tender & flavourful.

Available in convenient, freezer-ready portions
from our farms directly to your home.

MALUMA meat is dry-aged, boned & trimmed by skilled European
Our kitchen ready cuts are labeled and vacuum-packed for prevention of
freezer burn.

ORDER our most popular “STARTER” BOX.


Tenderloin, Striploin Steaks, Ribeye Steaks, Ribeye Roast (rolled), Hind &
Shoulder Roasts, Short Ribs, Diced Stewing Meat, Stir Fry Strips, Shank Meat Slices
(bone-in), & Lean Ground Meat

A Starter Box provides 45-55 pounds of meat and fits the average
freezer compartment.
(Weight varies according to the size of the bison)
Fat, gristle & bones are removed.

TOTAL PRICE is approximately $300.00 – $360.00 per box.
($7.20/lb of meat)

Front Door at Westside Barbell:


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