Benchmark WOD Analysis

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pie chart
A little while ago Fern sent me a couple of pie charts she put together after analyzing a 12 month period of I found the information very interesting and decided to see what the results where for a similar analysis of the Benchmark WODs (as this information is more relevent to you guys). These are the results that I got from all the Benchmark WODs (listed in the Training Logbook):

Breakdown of Benchmark WOD movements:

Pull-ups: 16%
Running: 9.4%
Air Squat: 6.3%
Clean: 6.3%
Push-ups: 6.3%
Sit-ups: 5.5%
Weighted Press: 5.5%
Other: 5.4%
Weighted Squat: 4.7%
Deadlift: 3.9%
Snatch: 3.9%
Wallball: 3.9%
Box Jumps: 3.1%
Handstand Push-ups: 3.1%
Kettlebell Swings: 3.1%
Thrusters: 3.1%
Burpees: 2.3%
Muscle-ups: 2.3%
Rowing: 2.3%
Back Extensions: 1.6%
Double Unders: 1.6%

The disclaimer to this post is: Take from it what you will, but keep in mind this is only one way of many to look at the Benchmarks and CrossFit training.


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