Be Careful out There

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Two days ago three friends of mine were out riding (not in Squamish) and one of them had a pretty nasty spill. Bad enough that the reaction of the other two was to take C-spine and call for help (at this point it may seem like an over the top reaction). Through a longer chain of events he was medivac’d and was diagnosed with fractures in the C1, C2, C7, and T1 vertibrae with pressure on the spine from the C7 fracture. Currently they are waiting for the swelling to go down to begin operating on C7. He currently has full motor function and some numbness and tingling but is expected to make a full recovery after some time spent in a halo. Given the nature of the damage done, had they tried to move him it’s quite possible he may have ended up a quadriplegic.
Moral of the story: It’s very early in the season, ahead of what will hopefully be a great summer for everyone given the improved level of fitness. Be safe out there, and be smart if something does go wrong.